Chris Jericho Storyline Injury Update: WWE provides update on the Superstar's condition

Jericho was taken to a local medical facility after the assault by Owens

What’s the story?

The Festival of Friendship did not go as planned for Chris Jericho as he found himself being attacked by his best friend, Kevin Owens. WWE updated the WWE Universe with reports that Jericho was suffering from severe lacerations and contusions. Jericho had also been examined for cervical pain and other potential injuries.

In case you didn’t know...

The friendship that has defined Monday Night RAW for the later part of 2016 came crashing down when Kevin Owens pounded on Chris Jericho with unprecedented ferocity. Jericho was in a jovial mood in Las Vegas celebrating the Festival of Friendship with Owens, when The Prize Fighter took it upon himself to lay waste to Jericho and break the hearts of many WWE fans in the arena.

The heart of the matter

WWE posted the medical update on their website stating that Jericho was undergoing diagnosis for cervical and other possible injuries after taking a powerbomb on the ring apron. Jericho was also reported to have been suffering from lacerations and contusions after getting bounced off the LCD screen inside the ring.

Kevin Owens was not impressed by the elaborate arrangement made by Jericho to celebrate the Festival of Friendship. After half-heartedly accepting Jericho’s gifts, Owens handed Y2J a gift of his own. Jericho was ecstatic to find out the gift was another list. But Jericho’s excitement died down when he discovered that his name was on the list.

Before the cruel irony of making the ‘List of KO’ hit Jericho, Kevin Owens showered a volley of punches on him. What followed next was painful to watch as Kevin Owens took out Jericho with frightening brutality.

What’s next?

Kevin Owens will be heading into Fastlane with the ominous threats of Goldberg on his mind. Now with Chris Jericho out of the picture, Owens will have to take on Goldberg all by himself and things don’t look too bring for the WWE Universal Champion at the moment.

Sportskeeda's take

Kevin Owens isn’t the best friend to have around. Sami Zayn could vouch for this fact. Chris Jericho, unfortunately, has now become a part of the group of people that Owens stepped on to get ahead in his career. The injury is clearly part of the storyline and it is safe to say that the two former best friends will now settle their differences at the Grandest Stage of them All in Orlando.

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