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WWE Rumours: Chris Jericho to leave after Hell In A Cell?

Y2J's run may be sadly coming to an end

We may only have one more month to drink in The Gift of Jericho

Chris Jericho returned in January this year. He himself went on the record to say that he had intended to be around only until Royal Rumble or so and that he did not expect his feud with AJ Styles to stretch out so organically.

However, he stuck around and faced AJ Styles for a fourth time at Wrestlemania 32. Jericho even came out of that bout victorious.

He once made a false tweet after his loss to Dean Ambrose at Payback indicating that his run with WWE was over, but he then came out the next night on Raw and attacked Dean Ambrose with his potted plant, Mitch.

He lost his feud with Dean Ambrose but was then in the Money In The Bank match. At Battleground, he welcomed back Randy Orton on The Highlight Reel after his 9-month injury and then aligned with Kevin Owens in feuding with Enzo and Cass.

His most recent bout was against Sami Zayn at Clash Of Champions in which he was successful. He also had a part to play in the main event of Clash Of Champions when he distracted Seth Rollins to help Kevin Owens retain the WWE Universal Championship. 

According to Ringsidenews.com, Hell In A Cell will be the final stop for Jericho’s 2016 run. He will likely be written off television as his commitments towards Fozzy are coming to head, so he needs to begin working on that.

However, it must be noted that a couple of months back Jericho himself shared a post on his facebook page stating that he would not be leaving until the end of the year. So either situation is possible. 

It was said around the time Balor got injured that The Demon King was supposed to face Kevin Owens at Clash Of Champions and Owens and Jericho at Hell In A Cell. It is being rumored that Jericho may still be involved in a triple threat for the Universal Championship at the PPV involving Seth Rollins as well. 

It will be very sad to see Y2J go as he has been on one of the best runs of his career, and his “Stupid Idiot” persona has been one of the most entertaining parts of WWE as a whole.

Despite being a heel, he is so organically hilarious in everything he does, and it will indeed be a sad day when he inevitably leaves again. Hopefully, another Y2J return will only be around the corner sometime

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