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Clash of Champions: 3 last-minute changes WWE could make

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Published Sep 16, 2019
Sep 16, 2019 IST

Another change set to happen?
Another change set to happen?

WWE Clash of Champions is just a few hours away, and the card is set. The King of the Ring tournament final was supposed to happen tonight on the pay-per-view, but that was pushed to Monday Night RAW earlier this week.

Similarly, reports suggest that Vince McMahon has been changing the scripts of several shows in the last few weeks. So, there is absolutely no doubt that it could happen once again tonight just before the Clash of Champions PPV kicks off.

If you're wondering if last-minute changes can actually happen on pay-per-view nights, let me remind you that several changes have taken place this year just before PPV has kicked off. It happened even at WrestleMania, so a change at Clash of Champions is not going to be a surprise.

Without further ado, here are 3 last-minute changes WWE could make tonight before the pay-per-view begins:

#3 – Daniel Bryan joins Erick Rowan in the match vs Roman Reigns

We finally have more clarity in the 'Who attacked Roman Reigns' storyline but is that the end of it? Erick Rowan was revealed as the attacker and Daniel Bryan, who was his partner, was not impressed one bit.

However, this could just be another twist in the tale. Bryan has been acting as the 'good guy' in this story and so far, has been continuously claiming that he had nothing to do with the attacks.

Now, with the match between Roman and Rowan set to be a No Disqualification one, it won't be a surprise if Bryan comes out to help his 'former' tag-team partner. All rumours and indications suggest that we are going to have a new version of the “It's me, Austin! It's me, Austin! It was me all along!” phrase set to be used in this storyline.

Roman and Bryan are scheduled to face each other in a lot of shows from now and it would the best way to take this storyline forward.

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