CM Punk finally reacts to The Undertaker's retirement, reveals interesting theory about a return

Undertaker and CM Punk.
Undertaker and CM Punk.

The Undertaker announced his retirement in the final episode of The Last Ride Docuseries, or did he? WWE ran a tribute show on SmackDown which pretty much confirmed o The Deadman's retirement. However, is the Undertaker really done for good?

CM Punk is one of the many people who aren't buying into the retirement. CM Punk was a guest on the Good Show With Ben Ennis & JD Bunkis and the former WWE Champion shared his thoughts about The Undertaker's retirement.

Punk felt that The Undertaker may not be done just yet. At the very least, Punk said that Undertaker would make an entrance at WrestleMania every year.

Punk's theory is that WWE can extend Undertaker's career through the cinematic matches, which he calls the 'move-match type thing'.

"I don't think he's retired, come on. That's my reaction, there's no way. This is a guy who can and most likely will, in my opinion, at least make an entrance every WrestleMania. You know what I mean? They just did the whole movie-match type thing I like to call it, as I liked to call it on Backstage on Fox. I just feel like that can add some longevity to his career, I don't see him going anywhere."

The Undertaker has changed his mind about retirement a few times before

Punk reminded the fans that The Undertaker has retired and unretired himself a few times in the past. Punk added that returning to the ring is the trend in wrestling.

"He's a guy who in recent years has gone away and popped back up so it's just so unceremonious to have the documentary where every episode he retired and then unretired. Then at the end of it he said he retired again. It's part of wrestling now. Terry Funk, Ric Flair, everybody retires and comes back. I think selfishly everybody wants to see him come back." H/t

Undertaker has signed a 15-year contract with the WWE, and while he has admitted that he won't be wrestling for the entirety of his deal, The Undertaker brand will remain in the company.

The cinematic match style can definitely prolong the Undertaker's career, and the Phenom himself hinted that he'd consider returning if Vince McMahon was in a pinch. However, whether that happens somewhere down the line is anyone's guess.

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Edited by Lennard Surrao
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