CM Punk was "literally in tears" after important WWE match, according to his former opponent

Five-time WWE world champion CM Punk
Five-time WWE world champion CM Punk

CM Punk became emotional after his first televised WWE match as part of the revamped ECW brand, according to Justin Credible.

Punk defeated Credible on the August 1, 2006, episode of ECW. The two fought again in a rematch two weeks later in Credible's final WWE in-ring encounter. Once again, Punk picked up the victory as he continued to climb his way up the WWE ranks.

On the Cheap Heat Productions Podcast, Credible revealed that The Straight Edge Superstar was reduced to tears after their first match against each other:

"It was a great match for TV, for his debut especially, and he was super cool. I remember, and this is not an exaggeration – my wife was there, she can attest to this as well – he came up to me and literally was in tears thanking me [on] how well it went. He was so grateful for the opportunity. I'm like, 'Brother, it's your ball now. God bless you. Do good with it.'" [28:53 – 29:13]

CM Punk quickly became one of the top stars in ECW. Like Credible, he went on to win the brand's World Heavyweight Championship.

Justin Credible discusses CM Punk as a human being

In recent years, CM Punk has divided opinion among fans and fellow wrestlers. The 44-year-old has not appeared on television in four months, but his AEW All Out press conference is still one of wrestling's most talked-about topics.

While Punk has his fair share of critics, Credible only has good things to say about his former opponent:

"That guy, in his first match, was a wonderful man. After that, I really don't have any [idea]. I wrestled him another time in WWE and he was cool then too. Like literally the next week, but after that I left shortly after. I haven't run into him since, so that interaction in 2006 was nothing but positive. I don't know the gentleman that stands before us now." [29:13 – 29:37]

Credible also spoke about whether he could possibly return to WWE as an entrant in the 2023 Men's Royal Rumble match.

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