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CM Punk talks on WWE, AJ Lee supporting him, his WWE burn-out and more

16.59K   //    11 Aug 2015, 15:46 IST
CM Punk shared his views on the past and the future

Former WWE Champion and controversial wrestler CM Punk recently opened up about the WWE politics, his wife AJ, his gruelling training, getting burnt out in the WWE and more in an interview. The excerpts are as follows.

On the frustration with training

Punk believes that training for MMA is a tough task and it’s not as easy as it looks but is fun too. “I’m always a little bit frustrated because it’s just repetition to get muscle memory down so I’m not making the same mistakes. I think it’s a lot harder than people realise. You’re re-learning this entirely new skillset and trying to condition your body to do things it wouldn’t normally do. It’s challenging and it’s fun.” said Punk.

On politics in the WWE

Punk has always been a fearless speaker against backstage politics in the WWE, which was one of the reasons he left the company. According to punk, “For the longest time [in] what I did, the competition wasn’t that clean-cut. It didn’t matter if you were the best. There’s slimy backstage politics, there’s always somebody trying to undercut you. To me, there’s something romantic about just you and another guy locked inside a cage and the better man wins. In that time and space, nothing else matters. I definitely think it can be f**king scary, but I like embracing the things that scare me.”

His wife AJ Lee and marriage 

Punk is a busy personality with so many media commitments, yet he is able to count on AJ on supporting him and its vice versa. “That’s the whole reason I asked her to marry me. We were friends on the road for so long and she knew everything about me. I would tell her every stupid thing I ever did, and it’s come back to bite me in the ass in certain respects, but there are no secrets, and I’d have it no other way.” shared Punk.

On his WWE burn-out

Punk admits that at a time he took the wrestling business too seriously and it came to a boiling point. 

“I think at some point in my wrestling career, I took myself way too seriously, and I took the wrestling business way too seriously. It probably helped sour me on the whole process. It probably helped burn me out. The entire reason I’m doing this isn’t about the fight. It’s about learning martial [arts], as well as something about myself. It’s literally all about the journey.” says Punk.

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