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Cody Rhodes says no mid-card title coming to AEW; other ideas on the table

Karan Bedi
Modified 11 Feb 2020, 18:30 IST

Cody Rhodes dishes on what
Cody Rhodes dishes on what's coming down the pipeline (Pic Source: Lee South/AEW)

Cody Rhodes sat down for an interview with Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer to get his take on the new AEW show that's in development as well as if there will be any secondary titles in AEW.

Rhodes responded that something like it is on the table, but it something that all the EVPs have to agree on. At the same time, he said that Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks would superkick him if he said that there was a mid-card title coming to AEW. Cody said that there are things happening behind the scenes and asked fans to be patient. He explained:

"I hate the term 'mid-card'. I get why people are saying it. Everything is a first in AEW and we're moving slowly in certain areas and we're moving rocket speed in other areas. Again, you got to talk to Tony (Khan) because it's an idea obviously that's on the table, you know, but what do you do first. I'm just kind of throwing this out there for fans to kind of, put it in their minds. What do you do first?"
"Do You do a Women's Tag Team Title first or do you a title that's not unlike the Television Title? These are real questions and I think, we have an idea that's different than anything that's been done and I would hope that everybody remains patient and their kind of yearning or their lust for that type of belt/championship, I think it will be satiated in 2020. Again, I'm not saying there's a mid-card title because if I was to say there was a mid-card title coming to AEW, Nick Jackson would just superkick my skull clean off my head because we're moving slow and it's something, the EVPs we all have to agree on."

From the sound of it, it does seem that Cody and the rest of the EVPs have something planned that is different from other promotions. Perhaps, it will be only a matter of time before such a title is announced.

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Published 11 Feb 2020, 18:30 IST
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