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Cody Rhodes talks WWE sending main roster Superstars to NXT

Published 09 Nov 2019, 10:25 IST
09 Nov 2019, 10:25 IST

Rhodes and Balor
Rhodes and Balor

AEW EVP Cody Rhodes recently spoke with ESPN Radio and discussed a variety of topics. Rhodes talked about AEW beating NXT in the rating war, plus WWE bringing in main roster Superstars to NXT.

Dynamite vs NXT

AEW made its presence known with its first-ever show named Double Or Nothing back in May, and the event's success raised the hopes of fans who were looking for an alternative to WWE, and longing for the days when promotions used to go at it on a weekly basis. A bloody brawl between Cody and Dustin Rhodes, plus Jon Moxley's shocking debut, made sure that fans would want to come back for more. The promotion soon announced the arrival of its weekly show, AEW Dynamite. Dynamite premiered on TNT on October 2nd, and has been going head to head with WWE NXT ever since. It has been trumping NXT in regards to the weekly ratings for more than a month now.

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Cody comments on WWE sending main roster wrestlers to NXT

While talking with ESPN Radio, Rhodes opened up on Dynamite beating NXT several weeks in a row, and main roster Superstars appearing in NXT. Finn Balor recently went back to NXT, and The O.C. made their presence known this week, as a part of the WWE vs NXT storyline heading into Survivor Series. According to Cody, WWE will continue making these moves as Dynamite keeps beating NXT in weekly ratings.

"I was expecting The Undertaker to be teaming with Johnny Gargano on night one and all that good stuff, but I am more mindful of it post-Wednesday. I have a lot of friends in that locker room.
"I am aware [of Finn arriving in NXT] and I actually got to see the Pele Kick that he got to do and the 'turn' as it has been dubbed. Triple H is not a stupid guy. It is public knowledge that we are 5 weeks in [the 'Wednesday Night Wars'] and 5 weeks in a row [now 6] AEW has beaten NXT in the ratings, and those things will continue to happen."

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