Cody Rhodes wants fans of WWE NXT and AEW to 'get along' 

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes

All Elite Wrestling and NXT go head-to-head on Wednesday nights and the two sets of fans always seem to find fault with the 'rival' promotion. Wednesday Night War is what the fans of both sides are calling but officially, there is no such thing.

Cody Rhodes now wants the fans on social media to stop having a go at each other and get along. Talking on the Busted Open Sirius Radio, he said:

There’s a logic to both sides of this big deep divided argument. Whether there’s a little bit of fear from longtime WWE fans or a dislike of the bold personalities because we’ve done some really bold things like the breaking of the throne, or jabs like Jericho did in his promo. On the other side, there are defenders of AEW that are overly protective and sometimes are too generous to us. Obviously, we’re going to slip and make mistakes too.” [H/T WrestleZone]

Despite his claims that he wants the two sets of fans to get along, AEW have been taking a lot of subtle shots at WWE at their pay-per-views. They always seem to find ways to talk about the mistakes made by WWE in interviews with the open mocking of the 24/7 title the best example.

As for entertainment, NXT and AEW are neck-and-neck and have been an absolute joy to watch every week!

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