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Comparing the legends - WWE wrestlers and Footballers (Part I)

“Comparison is the death of joy” - Mark Twain

Football is the most popular game on the planet for obvious some reasons such the frequent controversies, crazy fans of the game and the list goes on. On the other hand, World Wresting Entertainment has its own uniqueness. But we’ve always ignored the apparent similarities between the two games’ athletes and the career they are going through!

The Undertaker and David Beckham

The Undertaker is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of World Wresting Entertainment. But the 48 year old ‘Deadman’ is currently not a kind of wrestler who enters the ring week in-week out for his fans all around the world. For the past two and a half decades, he has contributed all that he has! He did what he wanted and he achieved what he wanted. And now, in the closing stages of his career, probably, it’s time to rest. Now, we only enjoy watching him in the season of WrestleMania.

Elsewhere, the top earning footballer on the planet, David Beckham, is in quite a similar position in his career as compared to the Undertaker. The English midfielder is one of the most decorated footballers in the modern era and has won a lot of trophies with Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan and LA Galaxy. About to turn 38 in May, David Beckham is currently playing for Paris Saint Germain and is usually seen warming the bench in France. It is quite clear that the end of David Beckham’s career isn’t far away.

The similarities between the Undertaker and Beckham are that people rarely hate them, their age factor and of course, minimum appearances. However, there is no hiding the fact that whenever both these athletes get in front of the world, they have an intense effect on the global world of sports.

The Rock and Lionel Messi

Since his shock return in the year 2011, the Rock has had a fascinating affect on the WWE Universe. Nicknamed ‘People’s Champ’, The Rock is current World Champion after defeating CM Punk in the first week of 2013 at Royal Rumble. The 40 year old American actor has named his reign as the ‘People’s era’ and has guaranteed the described era’s success.

From the word ‘success’, we recognize the significance of Lionel Messi’s contribution in making FC Barcelona as one of the greatest forces in the game of football. Named as the ‘Player of the Generation’, the Argentine has been successful and has the record for the most goals scored by a football player in a calender year, breaking Gerd Muller’s 85 goals record in the year 1972.

Undisputed and currently the world’s best wrestler/player, people’s favorite, admired by critics, dominance on the ring/pitch are all the words used to describe these unbelievable personalities.

John Cena and Cristiano Ronaldo

The exit of the Rock from WWE in the year 2004 brought a new name for the WWE Universe to cheer about, John Cena. Another wrestler from the United States, Cena was to become one of the greatest World Champions in the industry. The 35 year old enjoyed three successful spells as World Champion until the Rock’s return in 2011 and ‘Once in a Lifetime’ WrestleMania defeat through the hands of ‘People’s champ’ in the year 2012.

Once a Sporting Lisbon player, Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the most expensive player on the planet after his transfer from Manchester United FC to Real Madrid CF in the year 2009, worth £80 million (€93.9 million/$131.6 million). Considered as one of the best footballers ever, the Portuguese captain is usually over-shadowed by Lionel Messi.

Although both the athletes have enjoyed a great career so far, they are assured of an even brighter future by their own veteran experience.

Stay tuned as ‘Comparing the Legends – WWE Wrestlers and Footballers (Part II)” is to come in the next week. Thank you!

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