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Complete list of entrants and eliminations from the Royal Rumble match

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The Royal Rumble

It is finally done and dusted! The 2015 Royal Rumble is finally over and even though we cannot really term it as a successful one, it did have its moments. The triple threat match was awesome with Brock Lesnar retaining his WWE World Heavyweight title, but the all important annual Royal Rumble match fell short of the expectations it set despite the cameo appearance from The Rock, who helped Roman Reigns (who eventually won the match).

For those of you who missed the Rumble match, here is an insight that lets you know the entry numbers of all 30 Superstars and also by whom each of them gol eliminated.

Order of Entrants:

1) The Miz
2) R-Truth
3) Bubba Dudley
4) Luke Harper
5) Bray Wyatt
6) Curtis Axel (taken out by Erick Rowan)
7) The Boogeyman
8) Sin Cara
9) Zack Ryder
10) Daniel Bryan
11) Fandango
12) Tyson Kidd
13) Stardust
14) Diamond Dallas Page
15) Rusev
16) Goldust
17) Kofi Kingston
18) Adam Rose
19) Roman Reigns
20) Big E
21) Damien Sandow
22) Jack Swagger
23) Ryback
24) Kane
25) Dean Ambrose
26) Titus O’Neil
27) Bad News Barrett
28) Cesaro
29) Big Show
30) Dolph Ziggler

Order of Eliminations:

1) The Miz by Bubba Dudley
2) R-Truth by Bubba Dudley
3) Bubba Ray Dudley by Bray Wyatt
4) Luke Harper by Bray Wyatt
5) The Boogeyman by Bray Wyatt
6) Sin Cara by Bray Wyatt
7) Zack Ryder by Bray Wyatt
8) Tyson Kidd by Daniel Bryan
9) Diamond Dallas Page by Rusev
10) Fandango by Rusev
11) Daniel Bryan by Bray Wyatt
12) Adam Rose by Rusev
13) Kofi Kingston by Rusev
14) Goldust by Roman Reigns
15) Stardust by Roman Reigns
16) Damien Mizdow by Rusev
17) Titus O’Neil by Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose
18) Big E by Rusev
19) Ryback by Big Show & Kane
20) Jack Swagger by Big Show & Kane
21) Bad News Barrett by Dolph Ziggler
22) Cesaro by Dolph Ziggler
23) Dolph Ziggler by Kane
24) Bray Wyatt by Big Show
25) Dean Ambrose by Big Show & Kane
26) Big Show by Roman Reigns
27) Kane by Roman Reigns

28) Rusev by Roman Reigns

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