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30-man Royal Rumble 2015 - A Tale of cheap tricks

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When Michael Cole said ‘The Authority’s got to live with it’, it being Roman Reigns being the Royal Rumble winner, it was something that all of us hardcore fans have to live with now. And you know what, Daniel Bryan may still make it to the Wrestlemania main event again. He’ll claw his way to the event and make it a triple threat between Lesnar, Rock’s cousin and himself. We’ll get the David Vs Goliath. But it’s a fact that this Royal Rumble was as disappointing as the one last year. And the one before that. And the one before that one. And the one before that one as well.

So here we are, trying to make some sense as to why the Royal Rumble is one of the BIG FOUR and yet it hasn’t lived up to the hype or expectations.

Gone with the wind

Here’s the thing. It took the fans months of anticipation waiting for this PPV, buying those expensive tickets at place known to house the most passionate of wrestling fans, it took one stellar promo by Daniel Bryan to make the Rumble more competitive, it took one wild guy to get the ovation of the audience like no other young star, one underdog who’s been showing off and stealing the show for years to claw his way to the Rumble, it took just one promo to tell the audience that the matter (Remember how they talked about all the production value that goes into making a show but how the show is nothing without people watching it? “Nothing without YOU”) and just one elimination was enough to wash all of that away. The End.

Roman Reigns won the Rumble amidst a chorus of boos. He was in the ring with two of the most boring superstars in the WWE right now, trying to be a giant and a monster. How archaic is that, it’s the 21st Century.

The crowd loses again

The Philadelphia crowd was the only retribution. They cheered and jeered their heart out. They held on to every last superstar whom they thought had more potential than the management’s favorite- Reigns. It is more than clear that Reigns is the next John Cena. Yes, not the first Roman Reigns but the next John Cena. The hardcore audience was booing and booing and booing. Even so, when WWE executed that shameless move of having Rock interfere to take out the Boring Giant and the Boring Monster, it was clear that people were happy to see the Rock but still very well disappointed that it was at the Rumble match.

Maybe the WWE has a plan and that is to show another meteoric Underdog rise from Daniel Bryan. Oh  Wow! What about Ambrose? Another loss in the waiting? While Rollins awaits his cash in and Roman Reigns - the 2015 Rumble winner is set to beat Lesnar, what is supposed to happen to a man who had the best momentum almost 2 months ago until WWE ruined it with a series of bad booking?

A nasty, nasty reminder


Here’s the painful truth. No matter how much you rant on the internet, just like this piece, the predictability is still going to prevail.

The only thing a fan these days can continue is to give a piece of their mind in the arenas.

If there were more crowds like the one in Philadelphia, guys like Ambrose may just catch a break and fight matches that their potential clearly deserves.

If anyone noticed, The Rock was equally raising both his brows when he raised Roman Reigns’ arm while his cousin seemed clearly oblivious to the animosity in his surroundings.

That’s why you have to be scratching your heads when Stephanie McMahon seemed to be pointing those reactions out.

What a show! And even without us saying it, there will be an encore.

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