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Daniel Bryan Is Right & You Know It 

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Total Divas
Total Divas stars & real-life married couple Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

Daniel Bryan is right and you know it. Somewhere inside you, a heart once beat. It's true, I promise.

They were the kicks heard round the world. Unlike Bobby Thomson's 1951 World Series 'Shot heard round the world,' nothing positive came of Bella's accidental assault of fellow Superstar Liv Morgan on RAW. It was terrifying.

After taking several Yes Kicks, including one that morphed into a knee to the face, Morgan's body went limp. Brie Bella struggled to move her unconscious opponent, who became dead weight. It was terrifying.

Almost immediately, an angry irate mob took to Twitter with proverbial flames and pitchforks. They wanted Brie Bella's head. Keyboard warriors took to the internet in droves and the feigned outrage spread like wildfire.

Perhaps this is what the Bible means by, "My name is Legion, for we are many." The attacks continued in incessant fashion. After Brie Bella posted the following, things only became worse:

The enraged crowd of smarks continued to attack Bella calling her, "unsafe," and using their superior wrestling knowledge to continually bully a woman (a mother), with an incessant rallying and attempt to shame.

"She shouldn't be anywhere near a ring," they professed safely behind a computer screen from anonymous accounts. No one would ever know who they were. They cloak themselves in darkness.


The outrage police were silent when Tyson Kidd suffered a career ending injury in a match against Samoa Joe. They were supportive of Seth Rollins when he inadvertently injured Sting, in a match that cost the Hall of Famer his career.

There were no masses calling for either male wrestler's firing. Neither had offended the male masses by their association with the Divas Era.

They hate Brie Bella. What's to like? She's beautiful both inside and out, wildly successful, kind, and gracious. Bella is the head of a thriving company she and her sister, Nikki, built from the bottom up.

The former model began her wrestling career as little more than a valet during an era known more for pillow fights than quality women's wrestling. She fought hard, clawed her way up to the top. Through literal blood, sweat, tears, and hard work she broke out of the proverbial chains the WWE put on her and like a Phoenix rose from the ashes of the Divas Era.

She built her own brand, her own empire, and through the reality show Total Divas helped trigger an interest in women's wrestling that fueled both the Divas Revolution and Women's Evolution. If not for Brie Bella, there probably isn't a Charlotte Flair or a Becky Lynch or a Sasha Banks.

Without Brie Bella, women wouldn't have main evented pay-per-views. Without Brie Bella, female Superstars would still be having three minute pillow fights, with audiences taking their bathroom breaks in droves.

Bella is a sure-fire future Hall of Famer that has far and away exceeded all expectations. She's intelligent, eloquent, a beloved wife, and a fantastic mother. Yeah, what's to like?

Before last night's RAW, Brie's husband, Daniel Bryan, took to Twitter to voice both his support for his wife and his disdain for cyber bullying:

Many in the public eye fall victim to cyber bullying. This includes wrestling writers. Many of my fellow writers lament the bullying they endure by the faceless nameless mob. After Matt Cappotelli's passing, I was devastated and on shift for WrestleZone. I wrote a short send off to Cappotelli, who valiantly fought terminal cancer.

It was among one of the most difficult pieces I had ever written. Readers didn't know about the tears that dripped onto my keyboard, as I typed. Nor did they know about the father I lost to cancer.

One reader, who is a frequent critic wrote, "Too bad it wasn't you McClead." I am frequently mocked for my looks (open your eyes people) and have even had my family personally attacked via social media. Why? Because I write about wrestling and some disagree with my opinions and dislike my style. This is the world we live in today. To quote the great prophet, Freddie Mercury, "This is the world we created. It's up to us to change it."

To those who are victims of cyber bullying: you are better than the hurt they cause you and you don't deserve it. It isn't your fault and although it may feel like the end of the world when you are publicly shamed, I promise it isn't. Although the bullying hurts, stings, and leaves scars, there are more good people that care, than bad ones that aim to hurt.

Find them and tune out the negativity. Those that bully lead sad lives committed to tearing others down. While others work on making themselves better, cyber bullies wish only to slow the progress they see in you. Your success terrifies them and the darkness always lashes out at the light; but, to no avail.

As they hide behind anonymous accounts and screech from the depths of their obviously miserable existence, keep doing you. Keep your head up. Keep moving forward and let nothing slow you down. Brie Bella will and already has. Follow her example because Daniel Bryan is right and you know it.