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Daniel Bryan on CM Punk, Samoa Joe, wrestling Kurt Angle, his finisher and more

92.58K   //    23 Aug 2015, 14:05 IST
Daniel Bryan had interesting things to say about various issues

In a recent Q&A session, the eternal underdog and the leader of the Yes Movement, Daniel Bryan, opened up about a host of topics and reportedly, even upset the WWE top brass by some of his replies. Below is an overview of the session:

- On who he would like to wrestle the most, Daniel answered by saying Brock Lesnar and said that he would love to face The Beast, that’s if the WWE clears him to do so.

- Daniel Bryan, when asked who his biggest inspiration was, said his parents inspire him the most because of all the sacrifices they have made to ensure Bryan grew up without any qualms.

- Daniel Bryan, in honour and tribute to the late Connor ‘The Crusher’ Michalek, had pitched the idea of renaming his finisher the running knee, ‘The Crusher’. According to him, ‘Knee Plus’ was also on the cards but at the moment the move has no significant name.

- On his father’s death taking a toll on him emotionally, Bryan said that it was tough coping with it as even the football season was tough as they kept mentioning the Seattle Seahawks a lot.

- On the match he is most proud off, Daniel says his encounter against Kenta (Hideo Itami in NXT) in the independent circuit is one that he cherishes a lot. 

- When asked about CM Punk, Daniel said that it upsets and makes him sad when a guy who had so much passion for the wrestling business, just loses all of that amped up passion. He added by saying that a Punk vs Bryan WrestleMania match would have been reminiscent of the Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart match.

- Bryan would love to wrestle Kurt Angle and said that it would be an awesome match. He said that as Kurt is not in the WWE and isn’t being cleared to compete by the WWE, he actually may get to wrestle Angle somewhere else.

- On ZZ from Tough Enough, he said that he had the potential to be good provided he put his mind in the right place. He also put his personality over in a good way.

- On Samoa Joe, Daniel had nothing but praise for the ‘Samoan submission machine’. He said it was about time the WWE signed him and was thankful it happened.

- On wrestling again in the WWE, the leader of the yes movement had no clue if he would ever be able to be back in the squared circle.

- He says the issue rises from the concussion he got working a match in April, but a doctor from the Super Bowl cleared him to compete.

- He adds that he is ready to work a match at this weekend's SumerSlam if the WWE clears him to do so, which they aren’t doing.

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