WWE News: Daniel Bryan pulled from live shows without explanation 

What does the future hold for Daniel Bryan if he is injured again?
What does the future hold for Daniel Bryan if he is injured again?

The story

Daniel Bryan is reportedly dealing with an injury following his match with Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania 35 and WWE has been very mum on what actually happened. In fact, WWE hasn't told fans what is going on in regards to Bryan's status at the moment or even how serious his injury even is.

WWE has also kept him off television since WrestleMania 35 and it appears that he will not be getting his rematch for the title anytime soon. Unfortunately for The WWE Universe and Bryan, The leader of The Yes Movement has a history of concussion injuries and one more could end up being the end of his career.

In case you didn't know

Daniel Bryan was forced into early retirement due to repeated concussion injuries throughout his career but returned to the ring in 2018 after finally being cleared by WWE to compete again. Bryan has enjoyed a pretty solid run during this time, winning The WWE title, turning heel and went on to dominate the division for months.

All that changed, however, when Kofi Kingston stepped up to the challenge and finally defeated Bryan for The WWE title at WrestleMania 35 after months of being out of favour. With that being said, Bryan was apparently injured during that match in some way, shape or form and WWE hasn't given fans any updates.

The Heart of the matter.

According to, "Bryan was originally scheduled to be at the WWE Live Event for the SmackDown brand in Madison, Wisconsin. He was also set to be at Sunday’s show in Rochester, Minnesota, but he’s now been pulled from both of those events without any explanation."

The news comes just days after WWE officials were reportedly very concerned about Bryan's mystery injury and many outlets are reporting that WWE is intentionally staying mum on the subject. If nothing else, this could mean that the injury is concussion-related, which means this might have really been Bryan's final run in The WWE.

Bryan was scheduled to take on WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston, at the upcoming live event, but has since been replaced by Randy Orton. It is worth mentioning that WWE doesn't have to give an explanation for why a superstar is removed from a matchcard, but Bryan's absence is very alarming and WWE staying mum on the subject is even scarier.

What's next.

In the end, it's going to come down what the actual injury is, how long Bryan will be on the shelf and ultimately if WWE is willing to clear him for action once again. With that being said, however, The WWE isn't releasing any details on the injury at this time and are continuing to pull him from live events.

If nothing. else, that's not a good sign and could mean the end of the man's career. Furthermore, if the injury is another serious concussion, it could mean real-life consequences that will affect Bryan in his personal life. Hopefully, that's not the case, but who really knows at this point with no information coming out yet!

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