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Daniel Bryan talks about Royal Rumble disappointment, match against Kane, more

Ranga Bharath
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Bryan spoke about the upcoming “casket” match against Kane 

Daniel Bryan recently appeared on an interview with Renee Young on Monday Night Raw and spoke about how the Authority are being an ostacle in his way, about Kane injuring him, his disappointment after losing in 30-man Battle Royal and his upcoming “casket” match against Kane in SmackDown. Here are the some of the highlights from his interview:

Referring to Rumble he said,

“The fans were definitely disappointed. I was disappointed Roman Reigns won - but not because it was Roman Reigns, because it wasn't me. This entire time I've been injured, I've been aiming for the Royal Rumble and I'd been thinking. Brock Lesnar - what a perfect opponent, right? I never lost that title, I never lost it”. 

“And he's the ultimate Goliath and I'm the ultimate David, and this is a perfect story put on a silver platter and I thought: 'Man, this is my perfect opportunity. But quite honestly, I failed. Right, that's on me”.

He also said that, “Roman Reigns saw an opportunity and he took it. I had the opportunity, I didn't take it” Bryan also insisted his ire would be directed towards Kane, his casket match opponent on Thursday’s SmackDown. 

“I'm not going to be denied. Quite frankly, after last night, I've got a smile on my face but I'm mad as hell. I'm p***** off. I'm going to do anything that my body and heart will allow.”

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