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Daniel Bryan's WWE return, Stardust challenges actor Stephen Amell

Daniel Bryan will be a part of the Kick-off pre-show this Sunday at the Elimination Chamber PPV. He will be the guest on Miz TV. Stardust challenged Stephen Amell after RAW on the Fallout and Amell responded with a Tweet.

News 27 May 2015, 13:41 IST
Daniel Bryan will be the guest for this Sunday’s episode of Miz TV

It was earlier noted that Miz TV will be back at the upcoming WWE PPV ‘Elimination Chamber’. It was also announced that Daniel Bryan will be the guest for this episode of Miz TV, which will take place during the Kick-off pre-show on Sunday. Daniel’s new WWE DVD is all set for release next Tuesday and this can be expected as the most likely reason for Bryan’s appearance on the show.

Stephen Amell of the TV Show “Arrow” was at ringside for this week’s RAW. They both exchanged a few words on RAW and Amell left the ringside area as soon as Stardust’s match was over. Stardust later challenged Amell on the RAW Fallout. Here is the video-

Amell has expressed interest in guest hosting RAW before and also mentioned that he would like to wrestle. Amell tweeted the following after the show:

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