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Dean Ambrose signed his contract with WWE back in 2011 and made his main roster debut in 2012 with The Shield. But before getting signed by biggest promotion in the world Dean was working in several Independent Promotion where he developed his heel-ish character.

Ambrose held his first WWE Championship back at MITB 2016. Since then he has gone to become a top WWE star with having the feuds with like Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, AJ Styles, John Cena, and the list goes on.

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So today in this we're going to have a look at those photos which Dean Ambrose probably doesn't want to see you.

#10 Dean Ambrose playing guitar

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This photo was taken over a decade ago. During the time, Dean Ambrose (then-billed as Jon Moxley) and Eli Drake (then-billed as Slate Randell) were signed to WWE under a developmental deal. Also. they were living as roommates in Ohio and were featured as a team in the company.

In the photo, Ambrose is seen standing on a chair almost touching the ceiling of the room and wearing his current ring attire- a pair of Jeans and a Tank Top Bottom. He is actually acting like he's playing the Guitar with his roommate Eli who's holding the mic. But their relationship as roommates possibly ended when Dean moved to Las Vegas leaving his friend Drake. From that time to this, the only things that have changed in him are his looks and his in-ring performance.

#9 Dean Ambrose With Long Locks

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This photo was probably taken when one-third of THE SHIELD was working in some independent promotions before getting his foot in WWE. Though we've often seen Dean Ambrose with his short-hair looks, this photo tells us that this wasn't always the case.

In the photo, he's sporting his long hair maybe then he was like 20-24 years old trying to make his way to the biggest promotion in the World. Though now he's changed seeing by his look he had now, short hair and more aggression, he will never forget the look he had back then.

#8 Dean Ambrose With His Pink Hair

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Well. That's a photo that Dean Doesn't Want anyone to see for sure.

The photo was taken probably before Dean made his official WWE debut. While working in the independent circuits in 2006 he once made his appearance in WWE facing off Val Venis on the 19 January 2007 episode of WWE Heat which he lost which is obvious because he was then just a jobber for WWE nothing more.

Though WWE doesn't have this image on WWE network, a fan managed to take a photo of him in his pink locking hair and a chain in his neck while he's trying to make some kind face that can't tell by anyone but Ambrose himself. The pink color hair hasn't been always Dean favorite though he used to do it occasionally.

#7 Dean Ambrose Appearing At WWE Velocity-2006

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Before Jon Moxley appeared on the main roster as Dean Ambrose, he worked in a quick match for WWE programming called Velocity in 2006. Velocity was then featured with some events that go down on previous night on the Smackdown brand. It was only used to summarize the program just like Raw did with WWE Heat back then.

In an episode, Ambrose appeared alongside his partner Brad Taylor to take on MNM in tag-team action. In the match, Dean and his partner were booked to lose to their opponents.

#6 Dean Ambrose vs Daniel Bryan

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Alongside Dean Ambrose, there is one more familiar face that a WWE fan wouldn't find any trouble to know who he is. This photo was probably taken before Dean Ambrose made it big in WWE and Daniel Bryan was fired from the company due to some reason in 2010.

In the photo, Ambrose is Wrestling Bryan in a match at Dragon Gate USA in which Bryan is using one of his maneuvers. This photo is a clear proof, Dean and Bryan previously had crossed the path when they were rookie only. Several months later to this match Dean was signed by WWE under the developmental contract and Bryan returned to the company once again to get on to the bigger things.

#5 Dean Ambrose in a Banana suit

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This photo not only shows Dean Ambrose but also his Shield-brother Roman Reigns. As you can clearly see Ambrose is wearing a Banana Costume while there is two other man wearing the costume of Cave Men. One is definitely current Universal Champion Roman Reigns and another guy probably is Big-E.

This photo was taken when they were under WWE developmental territory FCW (now NXT). I guess those were only Halloween Day Costumes otherwise I don't see any particular reason why these men would be dressing like this. One wonder after seeing the image as of why these men choose to dress like this if they had other option too.

#4 Dean Ambrose is a power ranger fan

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Well, I don't know when this photo was taken but still, this image added a story in this article. In the photo, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are possibly hanging around and possing with Power Rangers. Though it's not a clear proof of whether Dean and Roman are Die-Hard fans of Power Ranger, still they are possing like they are one of them.

I guess, they had fun on that night though they remember or not but still, their night gave us an unforgettable moment which some of the fans will not able to forget.

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#3 Dean Ambrose imitating CM Punk

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Here, Dean Ambrose and CM Punk are having a match at WWE's developmental territory FCW which was turned out to be the fun for fans who witnessed it. In the photo, Dean is sitting in Indian-style like Punk used to, probably imitating him.

This photo was probably taken in 2011 when Punk appeared on a WWE FCW house show during which Dean called out The Best Wrestler in the World (as punk pronounces himself) and then the two men faced off each other.

CM Punk is famously known for his Pipe Bomb Promo that he delivered quite a few years ago in which he criticized WWE management and it's superstars. It's still considered to be one of the memorable shoots (though some may say it's scripted).

#2 Dean Ambrose Handshaking Vince McMahon

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This photo was taken after Dean win his first WWE Championship back at Money In The Bank 2016 pay-per-view. He became the WWE champion when he cashed-in his MITB contact on Rollins (after he beat Roman for the Championship) and defeating him for the title in the center of the ring. After which Dean came backstage and Vince was in the present there to congratulate him and handshaking him.

This was the only night in the history of WWE when all the three members of the faction were WWE Champion at the same night who defeated each other to become WWE Champion with Dean first time in his career.

#1 Dean Ambrose vs Austin Aries

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This photo hasn't made the no.1 place in this list just because Dean faced off former WWE Cruiserweight Champion but because of-- This was Dean's last match in Independent Circuit before he got signed by the biggest promotion in the World--WWE.

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In the photo, Dean Ambrose is clearly seen as he is not afraid of Austin looking him eye to eye as it looks he is playing some mind-games with him. The match took place in 2011 at an Evolve 7 event in which Dean faced Aires. This match will be probably seen as Dean's Farewell match on the Indies.

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