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Dean Ambrose talks about his big match, on the Authority, more

6.59K   //    01 Jan 2015, 17:30 IST
Dean Ambrose talks about his match with Bray Wyatt

Dean Ambrose was the guest for this week’s Michael Cole’s sit-down interview, which is also the last of 2014. Ambrose talked about his big match with Bray Wyatt and told that his fight with Wyatt started when Wyatt took a ‘Hell in a Cell’ match away from him. He also told that the feud between them comes to an end on Monday night in an Ambulance match. He added that the Authority is all about ego and themselves, and their return sucks.  

Below are some of the highlights from his interview and check out the video below for his full interview:

Cole brings up New Year’s and Ambrose says he can’t remember a lot of New Year’s Eves. Ambrose said this year he’s gonna drive out to the desert with a bottle of champagne, and listen to some Hank William, Jr. by himself.

Cole brings up The Authority returning to power in WWE, and Ambrose says it sucks. He says The Authority is all about ego and themselves and says it just sucks they’re coming back.

On Seth Rollins being in The Authority, Ambrose says that’s good for Rollins, but it’s not good for anyone else. He says if you don’t kiss the Authority’s ass, you get stepped on and held down.

On his Ambulance Match against Bray Wyatt on Raw next week, Cole says Ambrose looks giddy about the match. Ambrose says he can’t remember why him and Wyatt are even fighting, but then he remembers it was because Wyatt took Hell in a Cell away from him. Ambrose says he’s never happier than when he’s in some sort of mortal danger, and is in a knock-down drag out fight. Ambrose said the fight between him and Wyatt all comes to an end on Monday night in an Ambulance match.

Cole brings up Bray Wyatt claiming he has Ambrose’s soul, and Ambrose says he doesn’t even know what that means. Ambrose says he doesn’t understand what Wyatt says, but it doesn’t matter, as it will all end in a big, nasty fight on Monday night. Ambrose says he’s gonna put Wyatt down for good, or he’s gonna go down in a blaze of glory trying.

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