Deonna Purrazzo reveals why she and Chelsea Green didn't get to tag in WWE [Exclusive]

VXT never appeared on television
VXT never appeared on television

Last week, I had the pleasure of chatting with Deonna Purrazzo about her WWE release, her ideal next move and much more.

One question I had to ask The Virtuosa was about the much-teased tag team between herself and Chelsea Green, under the name VXT, who were even rumored to be appearing together on RAW at one point!

Purrazzo would go on to explain to me how "VXT" became a thing, and why it didn't quite work out as planned.


"Well, we were told in NXT that we would be debuting - from Triple H. He kind of asked us to brainstorm ideas for vignettes and backstage things, and this was right when NXT was going live."

Purrazzo would reveal the conversations that took place between herself and Triple H with regards to their potential debut.

So, he was like, "You might not get the chance to be on TV every week in the ring, but if we can do backstage stuff or things that are done at home. Just come up with any and all ideas and shoot them to Creative." We did that. We did that twice and we never heard anything back, and then it was that Chelsea was going to debut without me but I would come in when I was ready. I probably squashed that a little bit because I flipped out!"

Green and Purrazzo would eventually go on to appear on WWE television - just not together - as detailed in this video from the WWE Performance Center.


The Virtuosa went on to reveal why she "flipped out" at being told she wouldn't be debuting alongside Green.

"I was kind of just like, "I've asked, for 18 months now, how I can be TV-ready and I'm finally getting an opportunity to be on TV and I'm not ready? That's on you, that's not on me. I am ready! You're just choosing me not to be."

However, the pair would thankfully end up being called to go to RAW, where they were supposedly going to team up, but the pair ended up competing in singles action.

Then we ran into him again to get a call to go to RAW and we heard that it was potentially to do a tag match but nothing was ever confirmed, so, as far as been called up, we don't know. I think we just kind of took those opportunities, me with Asuka, her with Charlotte, and just killed them."

Purrazzo revealed that the pair impressed so much, they kept being asked back, but it never amounted to being permanently moved, despite The Virtuosa appearing on the show several times - including the week before her release.

Chelsea Green and Deonna Purrazzo
Chelsea Green and Deonna Purrazzo
"We impressed people at RAW, and we just kept being asked back. Obviously, there's like, like this... [Deonna puts her fists together] ..with NXT and RAW, and people being called up. So we got brought back down to NXT and were told it wasn't meant to be a call-up, so that was just a lot of confusion I think on everyone's ends and what was happening with us, especially with myself and Chelsea.

Purrazzo would go on to say she's "sad" she didn't get to do anything in terms of teaming with Chelsea Green, calling her VXT partner her "real-life best friend" and saying she's the one person she'd have loved to have been in a tag team with.

"I love VXT. She's, like, my real-life best friend and if I was going to be in a tag team and just have fun with anyone, it's 100% her, and I'm sad we didn't get to do anything with it."

Meanwhile, Chelsea Green herself has recently opened up about her best friend, Deonna Purrazzo, and her fiance, Zack Ryder, being released. You can read all about that and what the NXT Superstar had to say here.

You can read the entire interview here.

Thank you so much to Deonna Purrazzo for taking the time to chat with me. You can follow Deonna on Twitter here, or check out her Pro Wrestling Tees site here, and her own merchandise site here for signed prints and more.

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