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Details on Vince McMahon's reaction to Chris Jericho wrestling in NJPW

Gary Cassidy
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What's the story?

You're probably aware that Chris Jericho faces off against Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12 tomorrow.

Y2J spoke on his Talk Is Jericho podcast today to preview his match against The Cleaner. On the podcast, Jericho revealed what Vince McMahon said to him after being told about the dream match.

In case you didn't know...

Jericho is scheduled to wrestle his first match outside WWE since 1999 when he co-headlines Wrestle Kingdom tomorrow night with fellow Canadian Kenny Omega.

When the match was first confirmed a lot of people wondered if there was a deal in place for Jericho to wrestle there while under contract with WWE before the revelation that he was no longer officially tied to WWE.

Jericho had previously said that he cleared it with Vince, but more details were released in a conversation with Don Callis on his podcast today.

The heart of the matter

Jericho revealed that he commanded a big fee and a high spot on the card from NJPW for the match as he knew there was a certain risk involved in telling Vince, but after Japanese officials flew over to New York to discuss details with him, he knew he had to make the call.

Jericho went on to say that the phone call lasted three minutes and 22 seconds, and Vince told him he had to do it. Even saying, "This is great" and that it puts Jericho on a different level.

Now, this may sound surprising to some who think Vince is out for WWE and only WWE, but his reasoning was that, even while not under contract, Chris Jericho is seen as a "WWE guy" due to his long tenure there, and that the match is "good for everybody".

Y2J also continued to say that he thought it was really cool that Vince reacted positively and that both agreed that it's good for the business as a whole, and will benefit WWE when Jericho eventually goes back, most likely after his current Fozzy tour.


Jericho also confirms that the match in Japan is a one-off - stating that as one of the key reasons he agreed to it, as it fitted in perfectly with his schedule and that he and Omega could make a huge impact with minimal time.

What's next?

Chris Jericho is set to take on Kenny Omega tomorrow night/morning depending on where you're located. The pair will co-headline Wrestle Kingdom 12 on the 4th of January.

Author's take

We all know Vince and Jericho have a great working relationship, and Jericho has proven his commitment and value in the past two decades to WWE. Vince was always likely to give his blessing with Jericho proving to be more of an asset to WWE than they are to him.

Jericho even quoted Jesse Ventura in the episode, saying he once gave Y2J the advice, "If you want Vince to want you, prove to him that you don't need him."

Jericho has already done just that by taking time off with his band, his acting roles, his podcasts, having his own cruise and still looking like he has a lot of life left in the ring. Jericho also offered the wrestling spot on his cruise to NXT, but it then went to ROH when they declined.

There's no doubt Jericho and Omega will have an incredible match with both being seen as two of the best wrestlers in the world - and the match will undoubtedly bring more Japanese eyes to WWE with Jericho gaining on his already huge popularity in the East.

Y2J also hinted that he thinks Omega could be contracted to WWE next year, so perhaps this could be another reason why Vince is behind it - as the possibility of a rematch may rest in his hands at a future WrestleMania.

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