Did Paige's brothers become wrestlers?

Former NXT and Divas Champion Paige making her entrance in WWE
Former NXT and Divas Champion Paige making her entrance in WWE

Former NXT and WWE Divas Champion Paige is a member of the famous Knight Family based in the United Kingdom. The family owns the World Association of Wrestling (WAW) in Norwich, England, and have been a part of the wrestling business since the early 90's.

With their family history embedded in British wrestling history, did Paige's brothers ever become wrestlers?

Yes, they did.

Zak and Roy Knight became professional wrestlers, with Zak getting a tryout with WWE at the same time as Paige in 2011. Zak, under the name of Zak Zodiac, was not signed by the company, but has made a name for himself on the independent circuit.

it's looking like wrestling & shows will return from May/June time & the UK Hooligans are excited to get back to what we do best. We have been training hard through lockdown & we would love to get our diary Filled! To book the Hooligans email

Zak and Roy Knight perform on the UK independent scene as a tag team named the UK Hooligans. They have most recently performed for WAW, Bellatrix and PCW.

The Knight Family were brought to life in the feature film "Fighting with my Family," which focused on Paige's life and journey to WWE. Zak was also a leading character in the film as his dreams of signing for WWE were shattered during Paige's rise.

Zak spoke with The Upcoming about having to re-live his WWE rejection through the film, which also featured Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson:

"It’s always going to be hard, you know? Rejection… Every human being has had it. Some people handle it worse than others. The first month for me was very hard. It was a dream me and my sister always said we’d do together or not at all. So when she got picked and I didn’t, I had to say to her - ‘you need to go, you need to go’. I’d worked a long, long time to get the opportunity of a tryout and when it came it just didn’t happen." Zak Knight said. (h/t Express)

Paige always gives praise to her brothers and always supports their projects through social media.

Have Paige's brothers ever appeared on-screen for WWE?

Proud of my brother zak he’s back in training but taking it slowly but the @TheUKHooligans will be back very soon #letsGoMental #NXTUK #WAW #fightmare #tagteam #brothers #Knights thanks the fans who always show faith in us 🇬🇧🇬🇧 @WAW_UK

Zak, as Zak Zodiac has appeared on an episode of SmackDown. On the November 11, 2011 show, Zak teamed up with Andy Baker and Tom LaRuffa to face The Big Show in a three-on-one handicap match. The trio were beaten in just over a minute.

This particular episode was filmed in Liverpool, England, Zak's home-country. It featured as part of The Big Show's storyline with Mark Henry at the time involving the World Heavyweight Championship.

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