Did Triple H cancel an important Cody Rhodes match from Clash at the Castle? Exploring reports

Triple H and Cody Rhodes [Image credits: WWE.com]
Triple H and Cody Rhodes [Image credits: WWE.com]

Clash at the Castle is almost upon us, and many expect to see Cody Rhodes in action. Since becoming the Undisputed WWE Champion, The American Nightmare has successfully defended his title at Backlash and King and Queen of the Ring. However, with less than two weeks left for the PLE, it looked like a new opponent wouldn't present itself. That was until AJ Styles decided to take matters into his own hands.

Now, the belief is that The Phenomenal One will take on Cody Rhodes in Glasgow, Scotland. But, in a shocking turn of events, could Triple H be planning to cancel this important match? Well, the answer to that question remains to be seen as of this writing.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE could decide to save the match between Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles for Money in the Bank. The Stamford-based promotion had planned to keep it for Clash at the Castle, but recent reports suggest that there is a chance they could hold off on booking it.

Given how big of an event Money in the Bank is, there is a chance that WWE could decide to postpone the match. However, the final decision lies with Triple H, who currently serves as WWE's Chief Content Officer. The WWE Universe will likely get its answer on tonight's episode of SmackDown, but till then, any suggestion that the match is canceled is nothing more than speculation.

Cody Rhodes recently took a shot at former champion, Roman Reigns

Whether he does end up fighting AJ Styles or not, Cody Rhodes remains the Undisputed WWE Champion. As the champion, he has taken the title to new heights, wrestling all challengers, and coming out on top on every occasion. Recently, he commented on his reign as champion, and in the process, he took a shot at the title's previous owner, Roman Reigns.

Since becoming champion, Rhodes has had the opportunity to go to many different cities and defend it. He pointed this out, in an interview with WHAS11. He claimed that he loved going from city to city defending the title, which is something he stated that the last champion, in this case, The Tribal Chief did not do.


Safe to say, Reigns will not take these statements too lightly, and will probably have a lot to say about it when he eventually returns. But, as of now, he will have to bide his time and watch as Rhodes continues to hold on to what he surely believes is rightfully still his.