Does Asuka's mist actually burn? Find out the truth after her big win at WWE Night of Champions

Asuka stuns Chelsea Green with a blue mist.
Asuka stuns Chelsea Green with a blue mist.

Asuka used the mist to her advantage at WWE Night of Champions. The Empress of Tomorrow cleverly applied the colored liquid on her fingers to grab the win against RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair. Some fans might wonder if mist actually burns her opponent’s eyes.

No, the mist does not burn. In kayfabe, it is just an illegal maneuver used by some heel superstars to help them during matches or confrontations. The Great Kabuki invented the mist.

The Great Muta popularized the move in the United States.


The Asian mist, or the poison mist as it is commonly referred to in the United States, has been employed by countless superstars, including Tajiri. The pro wrestling world has witnessed different colors of the mist as well, with the green color being the most common among them.

Asuka used the mist during the buildup to her match against Bianca Belair at WWE Night of Champions. The SmackDown star used the colored liquid to send her opponent into agony. The EST experienced momentary stinging and blindness in the aftermath of the attack.

Asuka wins the title at WWE Night of Champions

The mythical superstar had failed to win the RAW Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 39. Both Asuka and Bianca were sent to SmackDown as part of the WWE Draft 2023. Their feud continued on the blue brand, and a title match was booked for Saudi Arabia.

The two opponents gave everything they had as neither wanted to lose the match. The challenger tried to blind the champion with a blue mist at one point during the bout. Bianca saw it coming and successfully avoided the illegal maneuver.

However, she wasn’t successful the second time as her opponent spit the mist on her own fingers and rubbed it on Bianca’s face. The challenger used the distraction to her advantage. She hit Belair with a kick to the front, followed by a kick to the back of the head.

One, two, three, and fans witnessed the crowning of a new RAW Women’s Champion. It remains to be seen if Bianca will invoke her rematch clause on SmackDown next week.

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