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Dolph Ziggler recalls the time when WWE said 'we need you' to him

Modified 21 Dec 2019, 01:11 IST

'The Showoff' thinks he needed that vacation to gain insight

WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler has dedicated more than a decade of his career to the company. In his eventful run with the promotion, Ziggler has a remarkably low number of 'vacation days' to his name.

The Showoff, like other WWE Superstars, has had a hectic schedule for years. But he has barely taken time off from his work and has dedicated himself to doing a great job inside the ring. However, he took a 4-month hiatus from the business earlier this year and apparently, there's a lot that he has learned during his vacation.

Recently, Ziggler was interviewed by Mirror in which he was asked about his long run with WWE. He talked about his time away from WWE and said that he needed that vacation to realize that he desperately needed a break. Ziggler mentioned:

"I learned s**t. I learned that I needed a vacation after 14 years. After about 11/12 years non-stop, and being one of the people like Kofi and Sheamus and Miz that did five days a week, every week for a couple of years in a row, and then we’re doing the rallies and PR."

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Ziggler also feels that he has been lucky when it comes to injuries. He then brought attention to several reasons why other Superstars were granted a break.

"I said I’ve been too lucky with injuries, that fans have now seen me every single Monday or Friday – or whatever our schedule was – I worked 10 years in a row without a break. Miz gets a break to do a crappy movie. Someone else gets one because they get hurt, someone for something else, I thought ‘they’ve seen me so much, I’m taken for granted, there’s no excitement to seeing me 200 times in a row.'"

It was during this time when Ziggler decided to go away from the business. However, he recalled that night when he was about to leave, he was approached by WWE as he was needed in the company. The Showoff added that it's great when he feels 'needed', crediting the company for the approach.

“So I go, ‘I have to go away.’ For a year or two, I kept getting told ‘sure’ and then right as I was getting ready to go, they said ‘we need you’. I’ve never heard ‘we need you’ more than anything from any other company my whole entire life, but it’s so great to hear, to know that I’ve made an entire career out of them needing me to be here," concluded Ziggler.

Published 28 Nov 2019, 21:02 IST
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