"It's become so blatant" - Drew McIntyre comments on WWE leg slap ban

Drew McIntyre's Claymore (Credit: WWE)
Drew McIntyre's Claymore (Credit: WWE)

Drew McIntyre has revealed his thoughts on the recently imposed leg slap ban in WWE.

In an interview with Forbes, the two-time WWE Champion said he believes the use of leg slaps in WWE and pro wrestling has become "blatant" at times. While McIntyre himself has been known to utilize the leg-slap as part of his Claymore Kick finisher, The Scottish Warrior explained the perceived impact from the Claymore does not come from the use of leg slaps:

“For the general fans, if you’re good enough [at leg slapping] that you can do it—like a Shawn Michaels—then you’re not gonna catch it.”
“It’s become so blatant at times, that I think you’ve got to pick and choose your moments. But, when it comes to the Claymore—let me explain how the Claymore works—people said to me ‘you’re slapping your leg,’ that’s not the case with the Claymore.”
“When I raise my leg, and kick forward, you’e got a 6’6, 270-pound man jumping and kicking you. I’ve got a very strong shoulder, so when I’m throwing that kick and I also put some shoulder behind it, I’m just adding force. So, you see, it’s not really a leg slap for me, it’s just extra force.” - Forbes

Leg slaps have been a hot topic in recent months

The use of leg slaps has long been criticized in professional wrestling, but the move also has its fans, too.

The argument over whether or not leg slaps are overused in wrestling matches was brought to the forefront once again in 2020, when Randy Orton and Tommaso Ciampa shared a memorable back-and-forth on the topic over Twitter.

Orton was critical of the apparent use of leg slaps at the NXT TakeOver: In Your House event. Tommasso Ciampa soon responded, which led Orton to come back with the following:

"Let me know what time #legslap class starts so I can take my game to the next level."

WWE's reported ban on the move has also made headlines in other wrestling promotions, with AEW openly mocking the decision on the latest episode of Dynamite.

What is your opinion on leg slaps in wrestling? Let us know in the comments below.

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