Dustin Rhodes discusses his role in AEW, why he left WWE, and becoming an actor (Exclusive)

I caught up with the man they now call Dustin Rhodes!
I caught up with the man they now call Dustin Rhodes!
Gary Cassidy

You have two movies coming up very soon - primarily Copper Bill, but also Thunderclap. What can you tell us about your roles in those movies?

Copper Bill was a lot of fun. I think that's properly my best acting to date in my four films. I really had a lot of verbiage in the movie and a lot of script stuff - and I really got it into one specific character, which you'll see.

All I can tell you is, the scene is in the barn and, to me, I think you will really say, "Damn, Dustin has really got the acting bug and just nailed this role to a T." It's a lot of fun. We play... Basically we play thieves, and I'm a thief and I'm looking for this $80 million that is hidden on this rich man's property who has passed away - and it's been hidden because it's dirty drug money and me and Thom Hallum, we go on this property and look for the money, and we have some altercations, there's a lot of violence going on and some stuff, and s**t happens.

If you had the power to cast yourself in any movie, in any role, What would be your dream role as an actor?

Yeah, my dream role would be like a Hannibal Lecter, Silence of the Lambs-type character.

Just a real dramatic, creepy, heavy acting-actor seen. I love that movie and I look at him and just how he got into this character, and how he acted and portrayed that character in that movie was just incredible, and that's the kind of thing that I want people to notice about me.

I want them to say, "Damn, Dustin is a great actor." Not, "Dustin is a... Man, he's a pretty cool action star, I like him in action movies," which is cool but I want to be an actor.

I want to walk the stage and get an Oscar before I die. That is my number one goal in the acting world, is to be known for my acting ability.


Actually, weirdly, when you say that, I can see some kind of similarity between some of the old school Goldust nuances and Sir Anthony Hopkins, which is something I never thought I would ever say - but I can see some similarities.

On a similar scale to that one, I assume you're not done with wrestling because you told us earlier that you still have a bit left to give, so who would your dream opponent be?

I'm not real sure, man. Right now, I'm focused on The Inner Circle and what Jake Hager did to my arm, and Sammy [Guevara], and it will all end with me getting revenge on Jake.

I've been out, sidelined, for a few weeks. Now I'm feeling better and I'm going to go bop some people on the head with a cast, I'm going to Bob Orton some fools!

Thanks to Dustin Rhodes for taking the time to chat with me. You can follow Dustin Rhodes here.

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