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Back in the fold?

- Reports indicate that we may be seeing a lot more of WWE Hall of Famer Edge in the near future, as both Vince McMahon and Triple H are interested to bring back ‘The Rated-R Superstar’ as an on-air personality. Following his appearance on Steve Austin’s podcast, that interest has risen.

Talks indicate that McMahon views Edge as one of WWE’s most under-appreciated stars post-Attitude Era and credits him with a large part of SmackDown’s success. While it is a given that Edge wouldn’t be returning to wrestle or take any bumps, the interest is in having as an on-air personality on WWE TV.

- Backstage news point towards a lengthy involvement of The New Day in the tag title picture, following heavy praise coming from various quarters for Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston. While there is every possibility for the returning Dudleys to have a title reign, WWE officials are high on The New Day and how over they are and how they are in general.

One of the talks indicated that El Torito would be joining The Dudleys to make it even against The New Day, which makes sense considering the reports that Los Matadores is in talks of being repackaged. Also reported was the possibility of bringing back Spike Dudley to make it a 3-person team.

The New Day, for its part, has completely rejuvenated the careers of its members and has been the case of the sum greater than the individual parts with every member showing off their personality.


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