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Elias vs. Jason Jordan - WWE TLC 2017 Match Results and Analysis

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Jason Jordan took on a daunting opponent in Elias at TLC...
Jason Jordan took on a daunting opponent in Elias at TLC...

Elias has spent several months drifting aimlessly on the RAW roster, spending more time playing his guitar and mocking the live audience than anything else. Yet at TLC 2017, Elias appeared to find some major competition in the form of Kurt Angle’s (storyline) son, Jason Jordan.

Early on in the program, Elias was on stage and prepared to do his regular singing shtick before someone (later revealed to be Jason Jordan) started throwing vegetables at him. Apparently, this was enough to set up a match between the two RAW mid-carders.

Both men showed quite a lot of impressive athleticism, with Elias hitting an impressive knee strike into Jordan’s back. This caused Jordan to be tossed into the ring post. Later, Jordan utilized many of his power moves and athletic superiority to counter Elias’s offence.

The match ended in controversy, however, as WWE showcased the confusing rules that govern its universe. Jordan was on the apron and Elias attempted a vertical Suplex into the ring. However, Jordan countered this into an inside cradle, and the referee counted three. But Elias got his shoulder up at the last possible second, but the referee counted three anyway.

Commentator Booker T noticed this, and the commentators appeared to be confused. So they replayed the pinfall twice – including in slow motion – and it was clear that Elias got his shoulder up before the three-count.

Yet this wasn’t enough to reverse the referee’s decision. Even though the commentators, the production staff (which includes several WWE higher-ups) and millions of fans saw this reply and saw that Elias kicked out. However, one referee appears to hold more power than all of them.

Hence, Jason Jordan won in this case (albeit one with an asterisk next to it), and thus continues to grow as a performer on the RAW roster.

Result: Jason Jordan defeated Elias *via pinfall*

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