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Erick Rowan's Cage: 3 bold predictions for what's inside 

Published 07 Jan 2020, 21:00 IST
07 Jan 2020, 21:00 IST

What could be inside Erick Rowan
What could be inside Erick Rowan's cage?

Erick Rowan has been heading to the ring with a cage that is completely covered over the past few weeks, which has led to many fans questioning what could be hidden inside. Last night was quite a turn of events since Rowan actually allowed Mojo Rawley to look inside even though he's spent weeks keeping prying eyes away from his cage.

Rawley's reaction made it clear that there was something gruesome inside the cage before Rowan then defeated his challenger this week and showed him the contents of the cage. The star ran away covered in blood since it wasn't made clear if the cage was covered in blood or if the thing inside the cage spat blood out.

There have been many questions surrounding Rowan as of late, but there are a few suggestions that fans have come up with in recent weeks that could solve the mystery of what is inside that cage.

#3 Erick Rowan's long lost twin

Whatever happened to Erick Rowan
Whatever happened to Erick Rowan's twin?

A few months ago when Erick Rowan was accused of being the man behind the attacks on Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan brought in the man who he believed was really behind the attacks, which was someone who could easily have passed as Erick Rowan's twin.

After Reigns left the room and it was made clear that this wasn't the man behind the attacks, he disappeared, wasn't mentioned on WWE TV again and seemingly could have become trapped by Rowan.

Bryan is no longer on the scene now to stop Rowan from heading down another crazy path, which means that he could easily have kidnapped the man who looked like his twin and kept a part of him inside the cage.

There are some creepy suggestions online, when someone has a psychotic break, they can think that they are seeing a person when it's actually only part of them, so perhaps part of his long lost twin is in the cage and Rowan actually believes that it's the man himself.

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