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Every WWE Raw Reunion 24/7 title change ranked from worst to best

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25 Jul 2019, 05:18 IST

Carmella and R-Truth
Carmella and R-Truth

The 24/7 Championship has become one of the most entertaining parts of WWE’s current product. R-Truth and Drake Maverick, in particular, have done tremendous jobs in recent weeks of getting people invested in the title. Whether they are invading hotel rooms or running around Comic-Con, there is genuine excitement for the 24/7 segments. This week we got yet another brilliant showcase of 24/7 title shenanigans.

Monday Night Raw was a special reunion episode which meant there were several potential 24/7 Championship contenders around the backstage area. In a series of segments placed throughout the show, we saw multiple successful attempts on the green and gold. When Raw went off air, the title had changed hands nine separate times! But which ones are destined for the highlight reel and which ones deserve to be thrown in the trash?

Here are all nine 24/7 Championship title changes from the reunion ranked from worst to best. Spoiler alert, R-Truth and Drake Maverick are still the MVPs of the division. 

#9 Pat Patterson

Drake Maverick and The Boogeyman
Drake Maverick and The Boogeyman

This wasn’t the worst title change in terms of crowd reaction, but the timing was awkward and Patterson's physical limitations meant that Drake Maverick looked a bit silly. In later incidents of the title changing hands, we saw WWE come up with creative ways to hide the frailties of certain legends. In this effort, however, the age of Patterson was exposed. Drake Maverick fell back over a suitcase after seeing The Boogeyman. That small fall was apparently devastating enough that Pat Patterson could come in, deliver a few stomps and gingerly pin the champion with his foot.

The guys involved weren't at fault here, the segment was just poorly orchestrated and didn't use the great talent to their potential. Seeing The Boogeyman scare Drake Maverick was still highly amusing though.

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