"Please don't make me Butch" - Released WWE star rejected the name before Pete Dunne

Sheamus (left); Pete Dunne as Butch (right)
Sheamus (left); Pete Dunne as Butch (right)
Danny Hart

Bull James recently revealed that he rejected Pete Dunne’s new WWE name, Butch, before he became known as Bull Dempsey in NXT.

WWE’s up-and-coming superstars are usually asked to submit a list of possible names prior to their debut on television. Although James included “Butch” on his list, he did not seriously want the company’s higher-ups to give him the name.

Speaking on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, James explained how former NXT trainer Bill DeMott encouraged him to adopt Dunne's new name:

“There’s all this uproar about Pete Dunne being Butch," said James. "Butch was one of the names I put on my list, thinking, ‘Oh, they’ll never use this,’ but not realizing that Bill DeMott’s nickname for his son was Butch, so he loved it. He kept trying to get me, like, ‘Oh, I think you should be Butch.’ I’m like, ‘I don’t wanna be Butch! Please don’t make me Butch.’” [51:23-51:55]

James worked in WWE’s NXT developmental system between June 2013 and February 2016 before receiving his release from the company. He competed in matches against several high-profile NXT names, including Baron Corbin and Samoa Joe.

Bull James thinks Pete Dunne will succeed as Butch

Many fans criticized WWE’s decision to rename Pete Dunne following his addition to the SmackDown roster. WALTER, now known as Gunther, is another superstar whose recent name change also received backlash on social media.

Despite the controversy surrounding Dunne's new name, Bull James believes he will succeed on WWE’s main roster regardless of what he is called:

“It’s funny that Pete has it now," James continued. "He’s so talented, man, that a name is not gonna hold him back. He’s awesome.” [51:56-52:05]

The former United Kingdom Champion was introduced as Butch during the March 11 episode of SmackDown. He is currently feuding with The New Day alongside Sheamus and fellow former NXT star Ridge Holland.

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