Exclusive: Al Snow on what WWE Superstars need to do to be successful

Carmella recently recreated Al Snow's look
Carmella recently recreated Al Snow's look
Gary Cassidy

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with legendary wrestler turned well-respected trainer Al Snow about pretty much everything from his memories of teaming with Mick Foley and Marty Jannetty, to running OVW and his very own Al Snow Wrestling Academy.

The former WWE Tag Team, Hardcore and European Champion, though, also opened up about what WWE's current Superstars need to do in order to be successful, in WWE and beyond - and having a five-star match isn't it...

Those wrestlers up there have an even greater success than I ever had. I don't want them to just do what I did, I want them to outdo me and make the most of the opportunity they have, because they have an incredible opportunity with WWE.
They just need to know that, exploit that, take advantage of it as much as they possibly can. They need to know what it is they're focusing on and why, and what they're looking to do with that opportunity.
Al Snow was one of the boys in a locker room with stars like Stone Cold
Al Snow was one of the boys in a locker room with stars like Stone Cold
It's not about going there like, "I'm going to have a great wrestling match," and "I'm going to be a great wrestler." You can and you should but the real objective is to use that worldwide platform to make yourself an incredible attraction.
Make yourself the next Steve Austin, make yourself the next Rock, make yourself the next John Cena. Use that platform to create opportunities that extend well beyond and above anything you've done in wrestling. Don't try go out there just to have a five-star match. That's not going to parlay into making you a household name around the world.
You can be the best wrestler in the world, but if they can't describe you in ten words or less, you should just give up. That was the thing I'd been missing for years. People would say I was so good and the best kept secret in wrestling. The reason the secret was kept was because no-one could describe me to their friends. Once you find that, you're on the right path.

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