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Exclusive: Interview with Josh Mathews, KM & Fallah Bahh discussing Kenny Omega, Relationship with WWE & more

Riju Dasgupta
1.34K   //    15 Jun 2018, 01:09 IST

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I had a chance to interact with three Impact Wrestling superstars!

Media from around the world tuned in for the latest Impact Wrestling teleconference featuring Josh Mathews and the recent oddball tag team pairing of KM and Fallah Bahh. All three men seemed to be in good spirits, as they answered questions with much enthusiasm.

I had a chance to ask a few questions to each one of the men. Here is my conversation with these Impact Wrestling Superstars.

Why was the Impact Grand Championship discontinued?

Josh Mathews: Look, the Grand Championship was the idea of Billy Corgan when he was part of Impact. I thought it was a cool idea. I liked the concept. It never really took off. I enjoyed calling those matches in the round system. It was different. I thought it was fun.

But as things change and evolve, that format of the match, that style went away. And the Championship became irrelevant maybe or unnecessary. So, Austin Aries decided to combine it with the World Championship and now the Grand Championship has gone away. Those are just the type of things that happen when new regimes come in.

There's a show on the WWE Network entitled 'AJ Styles in TNA' featuring Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson. Is it safe to say that the relationship between the companies is now better than ever before?

Josh Mathews: They used some footage on their network shows which I think is great. It puts more eyes on what we're doing. With the success of AJ, Joe, EY and all the guys that have gone over and done great things there...I wouldn't say it opens the door but you have less trepidation to go over the bridge than you had in the past!

Fallah, you have such an interesting character. Can you tell me how it came about?

Fallah Bahh: I started out in the business as a Samoan savage. I have the look of Yokozuna. A couple of years in, the promoters I wrestled for in the independents gave me the idea to adopt the look of Yokozuna. I've been using that and mixing it with a lot of monsters and savages of the past. Mixing it up and adding my personality towards it!

KM, in all our interactions you've been very vocal about your friendship with Kenny Omega. He was just part of a 7-star match with Okada. Did you watch it and did you think it was the best match ever?

KM: I've not seen it yet. It's on my list of things to do. I'm well aware of what went down. When I finally saw the results, I literally almost cried. A lot of companies will throw titles on people left and right. Whereas with New Japan and their titles, especially the IWGP Heavyweight Title...people hold that belt for years, y'know!

For Kenny to win that, that's massive. That's absolutely massive. He's been breaking records left and right in Japan. I don't want to go into the detailed history of him and I. We go way back. I know his whole story. To actually see how it unfolded, what it is right this second...right this's unreal. The guy needs his own documentary.


Because in 2007, he was done. He was literally checked out of the wrestling business. He came into New Jersey. I got him booked on a couple of shows. He said I'll just come out and do those shows. And then, one thing led to another to another to another, ROH booked him, things spiraled and fast forward 10-11 years later...he's the IWGP Champion.

This is the biggest Cinderella story I've seen in my life.

Did you guys have a chance to interact with Scott Steiner and do you have any stories from your interactions?

KM: Actually, you know what? Tune in!

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