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Extreme Rules 2018: predicting the quality of each match

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Team Hell No reunion
The match should be good, but...

This year's version of Extreme Rules testifies to WWE's curious system and infuriating quirks. About half the matches on the card should be genuinely good. However, the writing has been so bad leading into the show that there's almost no heat in them. Worse, a few matches on the card look genuinely dreadful. No effort was put into most of the card, and as far as setting the table for SummerSlam goes, Extreme Rules will probably do extremely poorly.

Extreme Rules should be better than Backlash, at least, but with their latest track record, I have no confidence in WWE to not find a way to make this show worse than it could be.

Should you watch this show live? With 11 matches on the card, it's going to be a slog either way.

To help you answer that question, let's take a look at each of the matches on the card according to their potential quality. That way, we can discover if there's more bad than good or vice versa.

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#11 Asuka vs. Carmella

Asuka vs. Carmella Shark Cage

Carmella's track record as champion is clear by now. She drags even the best talent down to worst match of the year candidates. She did it with Charlotte. She did it with Asuka at Money in the Bank. There's no reason not to expect her to do it again with Asuka on Sunday, only this time, the stupid shark cage stipulation and James Ellsworth's presence will make it even worse.

With what's sure to be an awful match that features even more awful booking (that hair spray can is probably coming out of the shark cage), you'd be forgiven for avoiding the entire show just to not have to watch this stinkfest. Quite frankly, I feel bad for anyone that does watch it.

The absolute state of women's wrestling on the main roster in 2018. So much for the "revolution."

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