Ezekiel: Will Elias' younger brother ever return to WWE?

Elias and Ezekiel were a fun duo
Elias and Ezekiel were a fun duo

This week on RAW, Elias' younger brother Ezekiel was brought up. What's funnier is that the former did it while speaking to Kevin Owens, a man deeply affected by the two brothers.

Ezekiel hasn't been seen since Triple H took over, with the new Head of Creative opting to revert him to Elias' character. He has been teaming up with Matt Riddle recently.

On the latest episode of RAW, he asked Owens to help him. The latter refused, citing the mental torture he suffered while dealing with his younger brother.

The mention of the clean-shaven babyface was a nice touch, with fans speculating that he could make a return to WWE. If you want to know if that's happening, read on to find out.


While there is no concrete report on whether Elias' words meant that Ezekiel is returning to WWE, we can't see it happening.

Considering how WWE binned the gimmick a couple of months ago and resurrected the guitar-wielding superstar, his younger brother seems like he's well and truly gone. At best, we can probably expect a cameo appearance or two.

Elias and Ezekiel love playing tricks

A couple of months ago, Elias revealed to the world through some weird segments that he was done wrestling. Then came clean-shaven Ezekiel, who claimed to be his younger brother but looked awfully congruent with his so-called sibling.


The lies were called out by Kevin Owens, who insisted that the newcomer was The Drifter. No one else believed him, which led to some widely entertaining segments. One could see how mad Owens was as he desperately tried to expose his rival.

KO put the rookie through a lie-detector test and beat him in a match at Hell in a Cell. However, he never got him to crack, which is a shame considering it would have been a moment to remember. We hope the revelation is made to satisfy fans and give the whole storyline some proper closure.

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