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Factions that need to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2013

1.80K   //    26 Mar 2013, 21:30 IST

New Age Outlaws (Photo courtesy: wrestlingnewsworld)

The WWE Hall of Fame class of 2013 has already seen a mix of great wrestlers including celebrities, WWE champions and even divas. The most recent inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2013 is Donald Trump, a fitting person for the Hall of Fame whose connection with the WWE dates back to days of the Hulkamania. Others include Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, Mick Foley and Trish Stratus. Some might even say that the Hall of Fame Class of 2013 has already been overcrowded with inductees who are worthy of induction. Having said that, there are many who believe that there might be a few more wrestlers left that deserve to make it into the Hall of fame this year.

If the WWE isn’t done with the compiling for this year, let us look at the probable wrestlers who are worthy of making it into the big list. From the way I look at it, a lot of deserving honorees have already been delayed from getting into the Hall of Fame. If we look at the previous years, the WWE has followed a certain style with which it has gone about with, in inducting the Hall of fame inductees. They have always gone with one celebrity, a few great wrestlers and a faction or a stable. Looking at the list this year, it seems that the slot for the stable is still open and needs to be filled.

The WWE has a list of factions or stables that it can choose from. It has the option of choosing a stable or a faction outside the WWE like it has mostly done. Verne Gagne, the Von Erichs and Nick Bockwinkel are good examples of this pattern. Instead this time, they could even honour some team that has been a part of the WWE for a long time. If we look at options for the latter, the first faction that comes to my mind is the Demolition. They held the WWE tag title for 698 days, a record that is still unbroken. To couple with this are their unforgettable actions and costumes. They sure have a very good chance of making it to the Hall of Fame.

Other factions that can make the cut include The Hart foundation and The British Bulldogs. They were part of an era filled with factions of great quality and yet they stood out from the rest. Another faction that comes to my mind is the Four Horsemen. Their unique style of wrestling puts them apart from the rest and also they were one of the longest tag teams in history. Some of their matches were legendary. The best period of the Four Horsemen was when they were heels with the sole intention of ending the Hulkamania. A more modern faction compared to the rest is the New Age Outlaws. But I believe that they have a better chance of making it into the list with the whole lot of D-Generation X members.

But ultimately, it is  WWE that has to decide whether or not it needs to postpone the entry of all these factions into the Hall of Fame this year. Because the list already looks quite loaded with legends and with only about two weeks left, they will want to concentrate more on build up to matches. However, it will also be great to see one of these factions in the HOF this year.

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