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Fantasy booking of a Roman Reigns heel run

How to book Roman Reigns from WrestleMania 33 to WrestleMania 34 - a detailed booking.

If WWE is going to turn Reigns heel, then there are a lot of opportunities to get him over

The Roman Reigns problem is something that the WWE has been banging their heads on for a long time now. While even a novice who understands the wrestling business knows that turning him heel might be the best option, WWE Creative has shown abject ignorance when it comes to Roman’s booking.

But if one listens to the latest rumours, it looks like WWE might have gotten through their heads to turn Roman heel at long last. With the rumours of a potential Taker vs Reigns match at WrestleMania 33 growing strong, one can only expect WWE to turn Reigns heel in the process.

Here is a speculative article as to how to book Roman’s heel run and actually get him over the WWE Universe.

Note: This entire article is written on the basis of Roman winning the title at Rumble.

The buildup to Mania

A Career vs Title match will create lot of heat on Roman

With Roman winning the title at Rumble, he is sure to garner some heat with the ardent WWE fans for taking the title away from Kevin Owens. While WWE goes ahead with the Owens vs Jericho feud for the Mania, The Undertaker challenges Roman for the title at Mania during a segment on Raw.

Roman continues with his tweener persona during the build up. He refuses to accept Taker’s challenge and states that The Undertaker is old and washed up and couldn’t compete with him at the Grandest Stage. This creates more heat on Roman heading into Mania.

After initial rounds of fiery exchanges between Taker and Roman, Roman drops the bombshell on Taker stating that he will put his title on the line if Taker puts his career on the line. Taker initially hesitates and Roman taunts him as being too weak to rise up to the challenge, which angers Taker.

An angry Taker accepts the challenge and asks Reigns if he is man enough to step into hell with him. Reigns balks initially, but later accepts the challenge for the Hell in a Cell match with Taker at WrestleMania 33.

This creates a scenario where Taker can be sent off in style and also helps to make the match between Taker and Reigns interesting.

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