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Fantasy Booking: Shield Triple Threat for Wrestlemania (Part: 3)

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Reigns makes his way to the ring on RAW
his way to the ring on RAW

If you haven't already, please check out Part 1 and Part 2 first.

The Aftermath of Survivor Series

The fans were left in utter silence when they saw the closing moments of Survivor Series where Reigns obliterated Rollins after their loss to The Club, all while Ambrose looked in peace from the entrance ramp. Next night, Roman Reigns kicks off RAW to thunderous jeers from the fans (reminiscent to his post-Wrestlemania reception after defeating The Undertaker). He makes his point clear that Rollins had it coming right from the start. Rollins was a weak link and would've stabbed them in the back again himself if they wouldn't have. Rollins was considering jumping the ship to Smackdown after the Styles proposal and that was not something that went well with Reigns.

Ambrose comes out to yet another thunderous heel reaction; and admits that this was Reigns' plan all along. He demands his Universal Championship match; something Reigns had bribed him to, if Ambrose lets Reigns pick Rollins apart. The match is scheduled for TLC PPV in December.

Ambrose confronts Reigns
Ambrose confronts Reigns

In the build to TLC meanwhile, Rollins is stripped off the Intercontinental Championship because of his storyline injuries sustained at the hands of the Reigns beatdown. He doesn't appear in any live broadcast leading up to the PPV.

At the TLC PPV, an hour before the Reigns vs Ambrose match, the broadcast team finds Reigns laid to waste in the backstage area. There's a steel chair right beside him; but nothing is confirmed as to who beat him. The match is called off and Ambrose is livid about it. He believes Reigns is faking the beatdown to get away with not defending the title. The Ambrose vs Reigns match is moved to the next PPV; Royal Rumble because Reigns is too beaten to compete at his 100%.

Reigns found beaten backstage
Reigns found beaten backstage

At the Royal Rumble, Reigns makes his way to the ring for his match; but the production team finds Ambrose this time laid to waste in the backstage area with a steel chair. The match again has to be called off and the Universal title ends up not being defended at the Royal Rumble as well.

Fans know who's doing this, and their speculations are put to rest when Rollins enters the Royal Rumble match at the 30th spot and goes on to win the whole thing. The fans greet Rollins with a hero's homecoming as he makes his run towards the ring, tossing out anything and everything that moves.

Seth Rollins returns
Seth Rollins returns

Rollins goes on to challenge Reigns for the Universal title at Wrestlemania; with Ambrose getting his guaranteed shot for the title at the event as well.

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