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Fantasy booking the road to Hell in a Cell for the Universal Title picture.

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The universal title picture seems more vibrant than ever because of a full-timer holding it. When was the last time it was defended on Raw? There are so many potential contenders like Bobby Lashley and Kevin Owens, with Mr Monster in the Bank, Braun Strowman lurking in the corner. Last Monday, we had a chaotic finish to Raw, with The Shield reuniting and preventing Strowman from cashing in his money in the bank contract. To which, Braun had the following tweet

This tweet opens up several exciting scenarios, one of which I am going to suggest in this article. There are three weeks left till the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, which means there are three episodes of Monday Night Raw that I should book.

The first episode- Strowman has some backup:

The show kicks off with an angry Strowman marching to the ring and cutting a promo on what happened the previous week. He says that The Shield claims to be fighting for justice, but what they did last week was anything but that. He then warns The Shield that they have not realized what they have gotten themselves into and then declares war on them. A war that will not end until Strowman captures the Universal Title.

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Next, we see The Shield cutting their famous backstage promo with the camera. They say that they will always stand for justice. They prevented injustice by preventing Strowman from cashing in on a tired champion. They then say they are ready for whatever Strowman has in his plans. Roman then announces that he will be defending the Universal Title tonight against another man who hasn't received a rematch for the championship, Kevin Owens. He goes on to say he wants to be a fighting champion and if someone wants to face him they can just ask.

We then move on to some in-ring action, as Bobby Lashley is set to have a match. He easily defeats his opponent and then gets on the mic. He announces his desire to face Roman for the Universal Title.

Now, we have the main event, Roman vs Kevin for the Universal Title. Ambrose and Rollins are in the corner to prevent another cash-in attempt from Strowman. Midway into the match, we hear Strowman's music and he makes his way onto the ramp. Ambrose and Rollins get near the ramp to confront him. Roman is distracted by all this when Luke Harper suddenly appears and attacks him from behind. (Erick Rowan is inured so Harper doesn't have much to do. You can have him come to Raw by some sort of trade or something.) This results in the match ending via DQ. When Ambrose goes into the ring to help Roman, the lights go off. When it appears back on, he is confronted by Bray Wyatt. (Another person that has nothing to do because his partner got injured.) We then have an in-ring confrontation between The Shield and The old Wyatt Family(This time it should not be called Wyatt Family since Strowman is the main guy.) to end the show. The commentators exclaim, the war is on!

Now, there is no face and heel dynamic in this feud. Both factions believe what they do is right. This kind of atmosphere creates a sense of unpredictability on Raw.

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