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Fantasy Warfare: Dream opponents for Triple H at Wrestlemania

An extensive break-down of my six opponents to face Triple H at WrestleMania 33, with Seth Rollins likely to miss the show through injury

The seeds were sewn, but could the match finally happen?

In light of Seth Rollins’ recent injury, it appears that the planned Triple H vs. Seth Rollins match at WrestleMania 33 is now out of the window. Here are my top choices to replace Seth Rollins at WrestleMania.

#1 CM Punk

The most unlikely person on this list to fulfil the role, but he would certainly be the biggest draw. There is genuine animosity between CM Punk and Triple H. CM Punk has spoke openly about having bad vibes and a bad relationship with Triple H. 

Punk has also ripped into Triple H for cutting off his momentum in 2011 and claims that he has told Triple H that he shouldn't have been putting over a semi-retired wrestler during his hottest period. On the Colt Cabana Podcast, Punk said, “Triple H essentially came out of retirement to beat me, and then went back into retirement shortly thereafter.” 

Also during that same conversation with Cabana, Punk claimed that he received a call from Triple H, who he hadn't spoken to since he left, two days before he was getting married. Punk let the call go to voicemail and sent Triple H a text letting him know that he was getting married in two days and that he would call him after the honeymoon.

He also asked about his royalty check that he never received. Triple H never replied, and days later - on his wedding day - Punk received a letter informing him that he was fired and wouldn't be receiving royalties because he breached his contract.

If by some miracle, the WWE and CM Punk could mend fences in the next few weeks, then Punk could easily face Triple in two months time at WrestleMania, in what would be the biggest match on the card. This is of course, highly unlikely.

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