Finn Balor to be exposed, former champion finally breaks on TV? - 3 things Liv Morgan can do to destroy The Judgment Day on WWE RAW

Liv Morgan is targetting The Judgment Day on WWE RAW
Liv Morgan is targeting The Judgment Day on WWE RAW (credits:; Finn Balor on X)

We are all set for an exciting episode of WWE RAW, in which Liv Morgan will continue to cause trouble for The Judgment Day. In Rhea Ripley's absence, she has found several creative ways to target the group.

Morgan promised Mami that she would take everything from her. Liv has already won the Women's World Championship and now has her eyes set on Dominik Mysterio and the rest of The Judgment Day. She recently caused controversy after locking lips with Dirty Dom on television and followed it up by giving her hotel room's key card to the former champion.

Here, we look at three things Liv Morgan can do to The Judgment Day on WWE RAW this week to destroy the faction.

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#3. Liv Morgan uses a video to expose Finn Balor

Last week, Liv Morgan left her hotel room key card with Dominik Mysterio as she continued to eye the Latino Heat on the red brand. Although the entire faction prevented Dirty Dom from falling into the trap, the key eventually ended up with Finn Balor, who was spotted stealing it from the table.

We could see Morgan share video evidence of her interaction with The Prince to drive a wedge between the Judgment Day members. The footage could be real or out of context, but it would be enough to fuel the growing tension in the heel faction.

#2. Dominik Mysterio finally breaks on WWE RAW

The Women's World Champion has openly flirted with Dominik Mysterio over the last few weeks. Liv Morgan has also forced increased proximity with Dominik despite Finn Balor's repeated attempts to keep them apart. It is safe to say that Dirty Dom's intentions have been under scrutiny since he first started interacting with Morgan backstage.

Although Dominik has repeatedly claimed innocence, there have been far too many coincidences to rule them all out as accidents. This week, we may see him finally give up and admit to a secret affair with Morgan on WWE RAW, or he could openly reciprocate Morgan's advances on the show.

#1. Liv Morgan poisons The Judgment Day against Damian Priest

Damian Priest is the only member of The Judgment Day who has entirely snubbed Liv Morgan on WWE RAW. The Women's World Champion could use her frequent interactions with others in the heel faction to turn them against The Archer of Infamy. Despite repeatedly claiming he doesn't need anyone to help during his championship matches, Priest only retained his gold against Drew McIntyre because of CM Punk's interference.

Morgan could use this point to taunt The Judgment Day, especially Finn Balor, and provoke him into betraying the World Heavyweight Champion. Fans hope to see The Prince eventually challenge Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Championship, and Morgan could drive the rivalry on WWE RAW.

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