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The first son of the Wyatt Family reveals his supremely ambitious side

Christmas just passed us, but we definitely have an idea of what he wants next time!

News 05 Jan 2016, 19:27 IST
I want it all!!!

Luke Harper is no stranger to putting in his dues before getting his big break. A five-year veteran of the Indie scene, Harper started out as a backyard wrestler before making it to anything resembling an organised wrestling promotion.

Harper would be rewarded for his diligence in 2012, when he became the “first son” of the Wyatt Family. He would make his bones in the WWE as an acolyte of Bray Wyatt, a role he revelled in for over two years before going on a not-so-successful singles run.

The big man’s solo stint was just that, with his reign as Intercontinental Champion lasting only 27 days. Having the prestigious title perched on his shoulder seemed to have whet his appetite, going by what Harper told ChadDukesWrestling.com recently:

“I want to win every title that this promotion has. I want to be the World Heavyweight Champion, on my own, I want to be the Intercontinental Champion, want to be the U.S. champion, wanna be a Tag Champion, I personally want all of that for myself.

“But at the same time, I have brothers at arms that we are very successful together and I understand that part of it too. I don’t know why I would be here if I didn’t want a championship. We’ve dominated lots of people, we’ve beat up lots of people, we’ve sent a lot of messages, we’ve been successful, but there’s another level of success that we have yet to attain and that we want to attain.” 

Well, given the rampage that the Wyatt Family are on right now, it would be interesting to see where the Creative powers-that-be manage to accomodate Harper’s ambitions.

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