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5 Dream pairings that we never got to see in the history of pro wrestling

Things could have been different with these pairings.

Heyman, Hart, and Albano are three of the greatest.

Monday night on Raw, we saw the return of the dulcet tones of Paul Heyman. It may not have been one of his most memorable promos, but there is no denying his importance to the presentation of Brock Lesnar. Their chemistry is so tangible that it makes everything crackle and they are one of the finest examples of the perfect “Manager-Wrestler pairing”. 

The combination of elite managers and wrestlers has always been able to evoke a certain magic. So without further ado, here are five dream pairings that we would’ve loved to see Vinnie Mac put together.

#1 Jim Cornette and Bobby Lashley:

Jim Cornette remains an interesting voice in wrestling even today

Jim Cornette is one of the finest heel promos that the “Sport of Kings” has ever seen. His work with the Midnight Express is the stuff of legends. Their feud with the Rock and Roll Express, during the 1980’s for Mid-South Wrestling, remains one of the greatest programs in wrestling history.

However, these days Cornette can be found in his lair in Kentucky, ranting about the state of wrestling today. His salty comments about today’s cult favourites have enraged many a wrestling fan.  

Cornette’s newly gained infamy in wrestling circles presents an opportunity to create a great heel character. His former OVW charge Bobby Lashley, who has done some tremendous work as a heel champion with TNA, would be Cornette’s ideal throwback champion.

It is not difficult to imagine this duo bullying baby faces and enraging fans with meta-commentary about the state of wrestling. 

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