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Five epic vehicular moments in WWE

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Over the years, we have seen a lot of crazy stuff in WWE and a lot of it has to do with vehicles. From flaming limos to monster trucks to malfunctioning cranes, the WWE Universe has seen it all.

In the light of recent events that took place on WWE Raw this past week, we pick out the top WWE moments when a superstar used vehicles to make a statement. Beware! Some of them might blow your mind.

Big Show’s semi-truck

Big Show Wins

Big Show – PG Era’s own Stone Cold

Let us begin with the most recent happening, when Big Show drove a semi-truck inside the arena this past week on WWE Raw, only to park it beside the entrance ramp and begin a ‘Yes!’ chant to support the outnumbered Daniel Bryan inside the ring.

This is certainly not what the fans expected when they saw a semi-truck making its way to the ring. WWE could have done a lot more with the props at their disposal. However, you cannot put all the blame on them. After all, this is the PG Era.

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