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5 WWE Superstars that deserve to face Shawn Michaels if he comes out of Retirement

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Shawn Michaels,
Shawn Michaels wants to have one more match, but who should have the
being his opponent?

Can you believe your eyes?

WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels recently revealed that he might be willing to come out of retirement for one more match and while the situation seems like a long shot from every possible aspect, it's still a very interesting thing to speculate about. In fact, with people like Undertaker coming out of retirement for another match, it's not exactly out of the question.

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With that being said and Shawn Michaels letting his intentions be known that he might be willing to come out of retirement for one more match, one has to who will be given the honour of going up against HBK. Furthermore, will WWE use the match as a way to catapult a young star to the top or a chance to have the dream matches that no one thought possible?

Here are five choices for who should be Shawn Michaels opponent if he does come out or retirement.

#5 Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin,
Could Shawn Michaels and Baron Corbin tear the house down in a one on one match?

Its no secret that The WWE Universe completely despises Baron Corbin, but what if the company was able to capitalize on that? For example, what if WWE were to book a dream match scenario between Shawn Michaels and Baron Corbin and have it end in Corbin completely victimizing The Hall of Famer.

Not only would that be a great way to finally give Corbin the heat he needs in order to ascend to the title picture, it would also give a Superstar that has worked very hard, the main event moment that he deserves. In the end, this pick might not be everyone's favourite, but it would no doubt be a shocking moment for WWE if Corbin completely destroyed Michaels in a match.

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