Former champion training for a WWE return years after leaving full-time? Exploring the potential

Former champion in for a return?
Could a former champion be set for a return?

One of the greatest WWE women's wrestlers, Michelle McCool, shared an Instagram video of herself working out in the gym. McCool appeared to be in terrific shape, which led to fans speculating that the legend was preparing for a return to the ring.

Michelle McCool holds a prominent position in the history of women's wrestling. She entered the Stamford-based promotion through the Diva Search competition and went on to become one of the most prominent women's champions in history.

She departed the company in 2011, having accomplished practically everything. She left to focus on her family. The last time she competed in the WWE ring was at the Women's Royal Rumble in 2023.

McCool's time as a singles wrestler came to an end at Extreme Rules 2011. She made the best of what she could during her first stint with the company, where being a female wrestler was difficult. McCool was a two-time women's champion and a two-time divas champion by the time she retired.

WWE fans have been begging for her to come back for one more run in recent years. She deserves a second chance to win over today's fanbase who are more in tune with women's wrestling.

When asked about the possibility of a return, she stated that if she does, she would like to face Bianca Belair. She lauded Belair's agility, saying she'd love to work with her if she returned to WWE for one more show.

“If I were to ever come back, I would love to work with Bianca (Belair) … It’s just crazy, she’s just crazy strong, she’s just crazy talented, but I really had fun with some of the newer girls this past Rumble. Liv Morgan, I really enjoyed working with, Zelina (Vega), but I think Bianca. Becky would be fun just to talk trash with, but yeah, I think Bianca would be the one." [H/T WrestlingInc]

Bianca Belair currently seems to be embroiled in a rivalry with IYO SKY since SKY cashed in her Money in the Bank contract on Belair at the Biggest Party of the Summer. If McCool makes her return for one final run, Belair would be a fitting opponent for her.

Bianca Belair won and lost the women's title at WWE SummerSlam

Bianca Belair attempted to regain her WWE Women's Championship in a triple-threat match against Asuka and Charlotte Flair. The three stars gave it their all to defeat one another.

In the final moments of the match, Flair trapped Belair in her signature submission hold, but Asuka spat her mist in Flair's face. Belair took advantage of the situation and rolled up Asuka to win the title. Belair had little time to rejoice as the Damage CTRL trio made their way to the ring and attacked her, which resulted in IYO SKY cashing in her Money in the Bank contract.

SKY successfully cashed in on her, and now it remains to be seen what direction WWE will take with her. The creative team seemed to be headed for a feud between Charlotte and Belair, but after Bianca’s latest setback, a Belair vs. IYO SKY feud appears to be on the anvil.

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