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Former Impact World Champion refuses to wrestle until Coronavirus is contained

  • It appears the former Champ's hiatus from the ring will last longer than anticipated.
Modified 14 Mar 2020, 05:20 IST

The former champ has taken a stand
The former champ has taken a stand

While he has been off TV ever since losing the Impact World Championship to Tessa Blanchard at Hard to Kill in January, former Champ Sami Callihan is making another bold statement. Until the Coronavirus pandemic is contained, the leader of OVE is refusing to wrestle and appear at any shows. carried news of the Draw's statement.

As the COVID-19 virus has caused immense changes regarding travel and public safety, professional sports and its athletes are also taking precautions. Callihan sent out a few tweets to proclaim that he will not wrestle or be at shows until things are contained. He sent one message out and another a few hours later.

"[Expletive] characters, [expletive] storylines.... our safety is the most important thing. Until this gets better I'm not going to ANY wrestling shows. I beg the world to be as safe as possible in this extremely scary time. Let's join together like never before. We can get through this."

His second tweet offered up the same message regarding his immediate future and that of the volatile world situation surrounding COVID-19.

"My family... my animals... myself is more important than fake fighting in our underwear. I'm sorry. I'm not going to show until this in contained. I hope everyone does the same. The world. Our loves. Is not worth it."

The worldwide situation with the Coronavirus is a stark reminder that pro wrestlers are more than just performers. They are also sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and humans. Good luck to everyone during this tough period in our history.

Published 14 Mar 2020, 05:20 IST
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