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Former rival wants another match with Trish Stratus

  • Will we get to witness this iconic rivalry culminate in the ring once again?
Shubham Roy
Modified 05 Mar 2020, 11:49 IST

Trish Stratus as the Women
Trish Stratus as the Women's Champion

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus has had quite the career as an in-ring competitor. She was a trailblazer in the women's division during the Ruthless Aggression Era where she had a record-setting seven reigns as the Women's Champion. Stratus also had some unforgettable rivalries with Divas from that time such as Victoria, Molly Holly and, most importantly, Lita.

Another important rival from her career was Mickie James who took to Instagram to post a video of Stratus describing their rivalry from the yesteryears. James also wrote that she was very fond of their rivalry and proposed that they should have a rematch and asked Stratus if she is ready.

Trish Stratus and Mickie James

After debuting for WWE, James was introduced as a huge fan of Stratus as a part of the storyline. For a while, the two Superstars would participate in tag team matches and James even utilized Stratus' signature moves during matches.

After a while, James' obsession with Stratus gradually became uncontrollable to a point that it made Stratus uncomfortable, who then wanted to break up their partnership. This soon turned into a heated feud between the two and it culminated after James defeated Stratus for the Women's Championship at WrestleMania 22, in a match which is, to this day, considered to be one of the best women's matches in WWE.

Published 05 Mar 2020, 11:49 IST
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