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Former Women's Champion reveals exactly how much cosmetic surgery she has had 

Published 10 Jan 2020, 21:27 IST
10 Jan 2020, 21:27 IST

Image via WrestlingInc
Image via WrestlingInc

Female wrestlers are international stars and the Women's Evolution has only added to the pressure on the women within WWE to look their best.

This means that there are a number of female wrestlers on the main roster right now that have had enhancement surgery. The likes of Trish Stratus, Lita and even current star Charlotte have admitted that they have had enhancement surgery over the years, but former Champion Carmella only recently revealed how much help she has had to look her best.

As part of the debut episode of If it's On The Internet, Carmella was asked how much plastic surgery she has had done and revealed that it's much less than what her fans believe.

I've never had plastic surgery on my face!

"That's true, I've had breast implants but my favorite part is that people think I've had plastic surgery on my face, which is completely false. I've had lip fillers, which is not a secret so all the people out there who think my face is fake, I appreciate the compliment because there's nothing fake, I just learned how to contour and do good make-up."

Do you think WWE's wrestlers are under pressure to have their look "enhanced?" Have your say in the comments section below...

Modified 10 Jan 2020, 21:27 IST
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